Of two little cute sisters…

I know they are as cute as a button but don’t be fooled ; the big one is so cunning its not even funny,she will use her little sister as a guinea pig any day, listening is a problem and we have to reason out every No i say and not to forget that she always tells me she will tell my mom whenever i don’t do something i was asked to do ( imagine being constantly told by a tiny person who reaches your waistline ,”I will tell your mom you dint check my homework,or I will tell your mom you did not even read me a book ” ,that’s Sheyce for you right now.

Then the small one,has a poker face, girl stares at you without any facial expression,you can barely tell what she wants or what she is at least thinking about and she doesn’t just give her smile to everyone. She is a little Tsunami, you put her down on the carpet and everything in close range will be everywhere in a matter of seconds,she also poops very lethal ones you dread diaper change and she is now bullying her big sister and wanting everything Sheyce has so its a constant war zone in my house.

They love each other and really love spending time together but they are always making each other cry every 20minutes and it can get really annoying especially when am trying to beat around a timeline on something.Neither of them understand the art of talking using your inner voices,no screaming for no reason,sharing is caring,one is a baby and the other is a toddler,you don’t have to have what the other one has,there is something mommy values called peace and sanity,fake crying is the most annoying thing ever and mommy appreciates at least 5 minutes of her name not being called.

Sage recently clocked 8 months ,she is trying to stand,crawl ,make steps ,run in her walker and maybe almost teething.She is more demanding now and am always worried about her safety,she will turn unexpectedly,stand and drop herself without any warning,reach out for anything and everything way too fast,put everything in her mouth,insist on being placed on dangerous places and easily forget she needs help to move from point A to B.She is just a cute little person as much as she a little tsunami and maybe some workout too.I love that one can leave Sage with anyone and anywhere so long as there is food and a place to sleep once she exhausted. She rarely cries and refuses to recognize a stranger.

Sheyce on the other hand,has been feeling like she is grown enough to help Sage out of her playpen without letting mommy know,feed Sage her food or share tiny Lego with her as much as she understands Sage can choke on some of this things,she believes her sister is not dumb to try and swallow a tiny Lego but i would rather not let Sheyce find out how dumb or smart Sage is. She sits Sage quite well and gladly assists her do a couple of things but they just cannot be trusted for too long.

I enjoy raising the little cute sisters and i love how they have one of the cutest and most genuine friendship ever. As much as they drive me nuts sometimes,i would still choose this in another life,its a beautiful Blessing, a beautiful kind of love and all kinds of colorful in my life.

Love & Light,


One word…

Is it even possible to use just one word to describe someone ?,especially one with a strong personality,is full of character and is quite talented ? .

This is Sheyce’s 5th birthday week,she has been excited about it since early this year and as the date nears,she has all this ideas about the day and how she wants it to look like and am a bit confused because she wants a little of everything in one day. So i asked her to describe what she wants in one word;you know,does she want a fun party,themed party,crazy party,simple party? and she couldn’t settle for one;then i realized its quite hard to actually describe something using just one word.

As young as she is, i cant find a word to describe her, she is smart,very goofy,loves arts,has an interest in gymnastics(does the most dangerous stunts that leave us cringing),archery(a story for another day) and soccer ball(she calls football that),enjoys picking her own outfits and doing photo shoots which she mostly initiates and gladly directs and we all agree she is a natural ,an avid bookworm,interested in instruments and music recitals and orchestras,strikes very witty and engaging conversations that leave you questioning her age,enjoys helping out in house chores especially in the kitchen and i could go on and on about Sheyce,but you can already see why it is hard to use one word to describe her or even herself to describe the kind of party she wants for her birthday because of her diverse interests.

One word is something we have commonly been told to use especially to describe a person,a feeling ,an emotion ,an event and sometimes it can be accurate but most times it covers just a third of the feeling ,opinion or emotion about something or someone. Yes the one word saves times and tries to bring every little thing together to make it one but sometimes we  need to give some things the time they deserve.

So i wont try and find just one word to describe this little person or even describe how much she has grown in that one year using one word.She is every little and big beautiful thing and no one word would describe her perfect. But i would love to hear the one word you would use to describe Sheyce from the much or little i have shared about her…. 🙂

I will share a blog post every day this week because its a special week to us.

Have a blessed week ahead…

Pictures by Naphtali Foster

Love & Joy



The Bloom

Just like a flower blooms as it grows ,so does a person.

Most days i open the blog with all my words already figured out and ready to be typed away but once am halfway,that little voice in my head tells me ,”you know what,why not wait a little longer ?maybe its a little too soon to share? or how does it even inspire anyone or motivate anyone? Don’t you think you are getting a little too sentimental now? “,and i end up deleting,renaming the post and sharing what feels safer to share.

You see,i have been sharing Sheyce’s adventures and tales with you guys since she was a few months old on my social media platforms and i have loved writing and sharing my thoughts since i can remember but sometimes the little voice in my head wins and i end up not doing what the heart wants.

I had taken Sheyce off social media for various reasons but most of them were due to my own fears and insecurities and for awhile i may have not noticed Sheyce was in a bloom season; I knew she was blooming into this amazing little lady that i felt like i had not really interacted with until the other day when i asked her if she would like us to do a photo shoot and use her pictures to rekindle her presence on the blog and she was for idea.

She was very excited about the shoot ,she helped put together the outfits and once on shoot location she brought out her A game and we couldn’t help but wonder and marvel at how she bloomed into this gorgeous little lady amidst all the changes she underwent this year. Am proud of her,i see so much potential and talent in her and i cannot wait to see her bloom into all the amazing things God has placed in her.

Lets see the little lady bloom together ..:)

Thank you for your continued support,for always cheering us on and stopping by to read our posts.

Amazing pictures by Naphtali Foster .

Love & Joy …..

Sheyce is all grown !!!

I know we have all been asking where Sheyce disappeared to and if I had taken over the blog so here is Sheyce guys ,she is finally back to reclaim her space.

It has been quite an eventful year with so many changes that needed a lot of emotional and physical adjustment ,so i decided to pull Sheyce out of the internet until i felt she was fully in-tune with the life changes and now we feel ready to share her growth,glow,travel,fashion and lifestyle with the world.

It is hard to believe that in a few weeks time she will be turning 5yrs ,it is both exciting and scary but all in all am grateful and marveled by the little lady she is growing into.

I purposed and intended for this post to be very short and precise because the next one that will follow will likely be wordy so enjoy Sheyce’s growth and glow in the beautiful candid pictures by Naphtali Foster.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY ….. There is so much to be grateful for ..:)

Love & Joy,


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