The flower in the concrete !


Why does the beginning have to be so mind boggling and intense especially when you have been gone for so long you don’t even remember the kind of greetings you start with?, anyway, don’t mind me, we can say that is a rhetorical question that should have just remained in my head but how else do we make this piece a bit lengthy to make up for the time i have been away,you know!? ..hahaha ..

Hey you, how are you? i have really missed you,i have missed this space that we would frequently meet but i needed to be gone that long, i needed to plant myself accordingly and pounce on every opportunity that came my way ,plus the year 2020, my 27th year was a cocktail of emotions, we (me ,myself and I) even stopped feeling at some point.

You see, during the planting season, you are thrilled and excited, feeling all kinds of motivated and inspired to plant in the right soil, feed your plant with the right manure so it gets all its nutrients and make sure you invest everything you can and have got so it grows and possibly keeps multiplying after every pruning or harvest season. Yes you know things might not go as planned but you are hopeful, the weather man has assured you it is the season to plant,so what else could go wrong? The rain even starts to fall then when you least expect it,it just stops, not even the weather man can tell you what happened and all you have to do now is Wait.

There is nothing i have found as hard and as anxiously-intense as the waiting season. Just like plants , we also have seasons where we plant ourselves in places we want to grow in and thrive in. We are told to never let go of an opportunity , that we should pounce on it as soon as its handed to us. We are told to be patient,hopeful and see the very positive side of things no matter how bleak the odds might be.We however are not taught or at least told how to recover when the wait is too long, when it makes us anxious and panicky,when it drains us emotionally, financially and mentally,when its time to let go and pursue something else, when to not be frustrated when you think of what might have been if you would have continued to pursue the path you were on in the first place, when to click here re-strategize and find your footing again, when to call/ask for help because you are stuck and stranded and when and how to rekindle that little faith, hope and enthusiasm you have always had with you.

For some time, you stop feeling, you become numb but God is always so faithful, He somehow rekindles your faith and hope, strengthens your will to find your purpose again and start pursuing it. And just like the flower in the concrete, you start trying to find other ways and means you can grow and even blossom. You are more aggressive than you were before, it doesn’t matter what you thought or knew your path was,and the end no longer justifies the means so long as you get to where you want to be in life.

As the flower in the concrete, am still learning how to create a way where there seems to be none, am still learning how to trust the process and how to not lose hope,am relearning how to be aggressive and a risk taker and am more so relearning how to build my endurance, resilience ,Faith in God and to always have a grateful heart.

In my 28th year ,am in pursuit of growth in each and every aspect of my life. I do not have any new year resolutions, i will nurture what is already growing. I hope you will also learn how to trust the process and how to work on your self confidence and more so perception. How you look at things and how you interpret them,especially in the different seasons of your life will determine how fast you are able to get back up when you fall and how to not relinquish when you should not.

It feels so good to jot something down as much as it feels like my thought process is a little bit all over the place. I will not promise to see you as much but i will check in as often as i can so i am not gone for so long. Thank you for being here and for seeing me today. I will appreciate if you leave me a comment.

Its only right to say , HAPPY 28TH BIRTHDAY WACEKE !! hahaha

Love & Light ….


Photos by : Acay

Make up by: Jocelyn of La Pride Salon

Hair by : Joyce of La Pride Salon