Show Up ….

“Two thousand bob is all i have,the car is at quarter tank ,i cant be in Nairobi and not pick some cereals and pampers at carrefour, Sheyce will ask me to bring her some doughnuts,there is parking fee and i have to grab something to eat so there is no way i will make it to come ; am financially disabled.” Or i do not have anyone to watch the kids and the little one was sneezing all night so i plan to stay with them and observe how she will be as the day unfolds. These are some of the excuses i have given and failed to show up.

Most times we miss out on opportunities because we are scared of the unknown and we are not ready to step out of that safe zone or should we call it a comfort zone. I have come to learn that some of the opportunities that come our way may never come again,so once missed, that’s it ,its gone.

Sometimes not every opportunity is yours ,so am not saying you pounce on each and every one of them that comes your way. And not every opportunity will give you the exact growth or breakthrough you are looking for immediately ,it might create a platform for you to get to there or grow you into who you are needed to be before your dream position comes along or it could be a stepping stone so you have to also put in a lot of work even after you get it.

For that opportunity to be yours, you have to show up no matter what. I have had to learn that no matter how bad of a phase am in,in life ,things are still happening as they should be happening,not even time stops for you to get your act together ,it keeps going so i have learnt to stop making excuses and not being afraid to show up.Not every path is clear,some are very blurry and foggy but still , SHOW UP, you never know what door that will open and who doesn’t love people who show up?

And showing up has an interesting sense of achievement that comes with it no matter the outcome.

Thank you for all the feedback from my previous post and its so hard to pick out who gets our first ever giveaway but as i said,this is the first one of many. So for this one, i will pick Sue Ellen, i believe you are a very strong mama and that you are still a mom, please DM me on Instagram ,also Khaki and Winlet ,reach out to me and congratulations.

Do not forget to just SHOW UP …:-)

Bags; Denri Africa

Pictures; Naphtali Foster

Hair ; La pride salon

Love & Light,



The 5th Year …

I had a blog back when i was in campus , i wonder if it still exists but it was nothing close to this one. That one was very shallow ,petty and full of emotions,so i wont even tell you what it was called before you go digging it out,hahahaha. It has been around 3 years since i started this blog and in the beginning, it was a platform for our local escapades as a family mostly documenting father and daughter moments but today,it is a platform where i share a little bit more than just travel and lifestyle and i love what it is becoming as we grow.

This particular post is a little late;maybe a month and a few days late but then again,now feels like the right time to share it. So, on 12.12.2018 ,Sheyce turned the BIG five and i couldn’t have been more excited to celebrate another milestone, you know, i felt and still do feel quite old to have a 5yr old kiddo,hahahaha. Her 5th birthday was very different from the previous ones, first she was at a nominees photo shoot for Denri Africas’ brand ambassador,it was the first birthday we dint exactly celebrate on its actual day and it was also the first birthday her dad couldn’t make it to spend it with her but somehow it was also the beginning of greater things for her 5th year.

Lets take it back a little and appreciate the growth and the opportunities that this platform has created for Sheyce. Our very first post was back in December 2015, a trip to Nyeri and i think it was titled Chaka Ranch; it had very funny pictures and the story was told in Sheyces’ voice because initially the idea was to have the blog just document Sheyce and her dad.The posts to follow were mostly travel and every now and then i would throw in a fashion or lifestyle post. Fast forward to early 2017, hahahha,life started to happen and it was happening so fast and unfolding in ways we had never foreseen and never would have anticipated and my content begun to change. I began to share bits and bits of my journey ,or rather our journey with the hope to inspire and motivate others and because i did not want to take over Sheyces’ platform,somewhere in the process of creating content,i discovered she loved photo shoots,modeling and i could see so much potential in her so i started to use her beautiful pictures in my content and that was the beginning of her growth as a little potential Influencer.

Here we are,in her 5th year and she is the brand ambassador Junior category 2019 for Denri Africa,who have the most amazing team,very fashionable and functional great quality bags;its her last year in Pre -school and that’s scary because i have to start thinking of my little person in a big kids school (woooof !) and she also gets to continue being her small sister’s role model. Thanks to you for voting for her and for the continued support on the blog and her social media platforms. I cant imagine of the many other great things God has in store for her in her 5th year but i know this is just the beginning.

When i put her on social media and created the blog in her name ,the idea was to make her a brand,i know that sounds big,hahahha but dreams are valid. I did not exactly have a well defined plan on how she was going to become that brand but someone told me ,to just keep doing what i love to do and share and grow my platform creatively with relevance and authenticity and that’s what i have done.We are still so far from where we would love to be but hey,Rome wasn’t built in a day,it takes work,effort and consistency and awhoooole lot of patience. Also it is amazing how she is able to strike a balance,she doesn’t even know that she is a star,she is just a little typical goofy kiddo.

To say thank you for the amazing support that has helped us grow into the space we are in right now and helped open ways for amazing opportunities ,we would love to do our first ever giveaway and have two of you get the Denri bag of your choice. All you have to do is tell us how you have seen us grow and what has really inspired you on our platform then we will announce the winner on the 12th of Feb. This will be a tough one to pick but hey,this is one of many more giveaways throughout the year guys. Also,only those that will comment on this post will be part of the giveaway.

Lets keep growing and glowing …

Love & Light

Waceke .


Cakes by: Cake yard

Bags: Denri Africa

Pictures:Naphtali FosterSun Africa Studios



One word…

Is it even possible to use just one word to describe someone ?,especially one with a strong personality,is full of character and is quite talented ? .

This is Sheyce’s 5th birthday week,she has been excited about it since early this year and as the date nears,she has all this ideas about the day and how she wants it to look like and am a bit confused because she wants a little of everything in one day. So i asked her to describe what she wants in one word;you know,does she want a fun party,themed party,crazy party,simple party? and she couldn’t settle for one;then i realized its quite hard to actually describe something using just one word.

As young as she is, i cant find a word to describe her, she is smart,very goofy,loves arts,has an interest in gymnastics(does the most dangerous stunts that leave us cringing),archery(a story for another day) and soccer ball(she calls football that),enjoys picking her own outfits and doing photo shoots which she mostly initiates and gladly directs and we all agree she is a natural ,an avid bookworm,interested in instruments and music recitals and orchestras,strikes very witty and engaging conversations that leave you questioning her age,enjoys helping out in house chores especially in the kitchen and i could go on and on about Sheyce,but you can already see why it is hard to use one word to describe her or even herself to describe the kind of party she wants for her birthday because of her diverse interests.

One word is something we have commonly been told to use especially to describe a person,a feeling ,an emotion ,an event and sometimes it can be accurate but most times it covers just a third of the feeling ,opinion or emotion about something or someone. Yes the one word saves times and tries to bring every little thing together to make it one but sometimes we  need to give some things the time they deserve.

So i wont try and find just one word to describe this little person or even describe how much she has grown in that one year using one word.She is every little and big beautiful thing and no one word would describe her perfect. But i would love to hear the one word you would use to describe Sheyce from the much or little i have shared about her…. 🙂

I will share a blog post every day this week because its a special week to us.

Have a blessed week ahead…

Pictures by Naphtali Foster

Love & Joy



Stop and smell the roses…

Often times we have been told to stop or pause and simply appreciate and enjoy where we are in life even if its not exactly where we hoped to be at that particular time,just appreciate being in the present and be grateful for it.

It is very easy to focus on what has not been,what if it had been like this or what of doing it like who and forget of the little strides you have made to get you where you are and how much there is to actually be soaked in and be grateful for.

We are in December, and as i reflect on how that year has been its very easy for me to focus on what i did not manage to accomplish that i had hoped and planned to but i choose to stop and smell the roses and so should you. It cant always be blissful,good and bad alternate and change is inevitable.

And even when life happens and throws you off balance ;stop,reflect,strategize,find your bearings and appreciate the little good that you may have ignored when life was happening and throwing you off balance before you start picking up your pace again.

So happy new month,take sometime to stop and smell the roses as we wind up the year 2018.

Photography by Naphtali Foster

Thank you for stopping by….


Love & Light …




The Bloom

Just like a flower blooms as it grows ,so does a person.

Most days i open the blog with all my words already figured out and ready to be typed away but once am halfway,that little voice in my head tells me ,”you know what,why not wait a little longer ?maybe its a little too soon to share? or how does it even inspire anyone or motivate anyone? Don’t you think you are getting a little too sentimental now? “,and i end up deleting,renaming the post and sharing what feels safer to share.

You see,i have been sharing Sheyce’s adventures and tales with you guys since she was a few months old on my social media platforms and i have loved writing and sharing my thoughts since i can remember but sometimes the little voice in my head wins and i end up not doing what the heart wants.

I had taken Sheyce off social media for various reasons but most of them were due to my own fears and insecurities and for awhile i may have not noticed Sheyce was in a bloom season; I knew she was blooming into this amazing little lady that i felt like i had not really interacted with until the other day when i asked her if she would like us to do a photo shoot and use her pictures to rekindle her presence on the blog and she was for idea.

She was very excited about the shoot ,she helped put together the outfits and once on shoot location she brought out her A game and we couldn’t help but wonder and marvel at how she bloomed into this gorgeous little lady amidst all the changes she underwent this year. Am proud of her,i see so much potential and talent in her and i cannot wait to see her bloom into all the amazing things God has placed in her.

Lets see the little lady bloom together ..:)

Thank you for your continued support,for always cheering us on and stopping by to read our posts.

Amazing pictures by Naphtali Foster .

Love & Joy …..

Sister Sister !!!

The last time you saw Sage,she was a few weeks old when Sheyce introduced her to you guys. Five months later the little one is so cute and chubby and is evidently Sheyce’s little best friend.

Sage is now Five months old,she is cute-chubby with the cutest rolls ever ,loves her milk so much but will not open her cute mouth for formulae. I recently started weaning her because my milk supply has been dwindling and the little miss was  beginning to become grumpy and i needed her to stay happy and she seems to really love her Nestle cerelac and freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with warm water two times a day meal combo. She also makes the cutest little yet so loud noises that Sheyce gladly joins in and also gives the cutest hearty smile ever. What am trying to say in all this nostalgic talk about Sage is am proud and grateful for the little-big milestones in her growth so far.

Sheyce on the other hand has really grown,she is such a little adult who can sometimes be naughty (which my mum insists is part of the growth but sometimes,okay most times,irks the “smurf” out of me ) ,very witty and loves to outsmart us,has this ability to strike some conversations which leave you questioning her age and has also become quite independent in a lot of things.

She is the best big sister ever to Sage,loves her so much and looks forward to playing with her as much as she can sometimes be curious of Sages reaction if she pokes her or makes her eat her hair or toes which Sage unfortunately gladly does,hahahahha. I love watching them enjoy each others company and raising them together.They will look out for each other as they grow and will definitely make the best friends ever.

They make sisterhood beautiful.

We tried to get Sage to look at the lens but she was too fascinated by the feel of grass on her cute tiny chubby feet to look up. But i loved the beautiful frozen moments of the little best friends,they are precious.

Photos by Naphtali Foster

Love & Light,


Sheyce is all grown !!!

I know we have all been asking where Sheyce disappeared to and if I had taken over the blog so here is Sheyce guys ,she is finally back to reclaim her space.

It has been quite an eventful year with so many changes that needed a lot of emotional and physical adjustment ,so i decided to pull Sheyce out of the internet until i felt she was fully in-tune with the life changes and now we feel ready to share her growth,glow,travel,fashion and lifestyle with the world.

It is hard to believe that in a few weeks time she will be turning 5yrs ,it is both exciting and scary but all in all am grateful and marveled by the little lady she is growing into.

I purposed and intended for this post to be very short and precise because the next one that will follow will likely be wordy so enjoy Sheyce’s growth and glow in the beautiful candid pictures by Naphtali Foster.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY ….. There is so much to be grateful for ..:)

Love & Joy,


My birth story…

Three months its been yet it feels just like yesterday when Sage and i met. The glances,snuggles and cuddles still feel so surreal and i don’t think that will be changing anytime soon. We are officially 3 months today ..:-)

I birthed both my babies through Cesarean section. With Sheyce,it was an emergency CS due to a birth complication known as umbilical cord prolapse which simply means that the cord comes out first after the amniotic fluid raptures. It is said to be quite a rare condition which endangers the life of the baby hence calling for an emergency CS. Due to my first experience, i was a little nervous and anxious to meet Sage. With Sage i had the option of a normal delivery but to be on the safer side after looking into what ifs and what may if i went for a normal delivery we settled for another CS.

On 18.06.2018 its around 0100hrs and i was only going to feel settled if i checked in with my Obstetrician to make sure i was still scheduled for a CS the following day and also find out who was going to do my CS. So my OB logs into the system and guess whose name was nowhere to be found? Mine. For some reason the system either deleted my name or it just never picked it up when we keyed it in during my 34th week antenatal clinic; so we started to panic because there were no open slots until around mid July which was too far for me considering i did not want to go into labor whatsoever and i badly wanted my baby born on the 19th of June (i have a special love for those two numbers 19) so we really had to make the CS happen. Finally he managed to upload my name as an extra and he gave me the go-ahead to check myself into the hospital and hope my CS gets done the following day.

I dashed back home to do last minute packing and say bye to Sheyce before disappearing for a few days which was actually going to be my first time away from her for that long. She took it like a big girl and at 4pm i drove myself to the hospital with the whole backseat full of my/our things (am not a light packer,hahahaha,i always feel the need to take everything with me) to take me through the next couple of days i was going to be at the hospital.My good friend helped me get admitted and have my vitals taken and after sometime i was fully settled in my room and very hopeful that somehow i would have my CS done the following day. Two good friends joined me as i had my dinner and their company really helped me stay calm and stay hopeful that everything would be a success.

0500hrs on 19.06.2018 i was up,showered,prayed up and working on this blog post and feeling very ecstatic about the day already. I was so deep in my post when the nurse walked into my room to tell me to get ready because i was going to theatre in the next 5 minutes (see how God works),i did not get the time to panic or feel anxious as i was waaaay too excited to finally have a baby,hahahaha ,i honestly couldn’t wait for us to finally relate from the outside,i had had enough of the fatigue,recurring constipation and not to forget the molar tooth that got me staying in casualty for a few hours was way due for its extraction. I called my best friend Naphtali to let her know i was going in for my CS so she could come my way and wait for our little Sage and also let my mom & M know.

At 0900hrs i was in theatre,in the waiting room having my needles for the Intravenous fluids fixed on both arms by this chatty guy who got me destructed with his sense of humor. Most of my friends are medics and it was so calming to have them come check up on me as i waited to get into operating room.At 0930hrs i was in the operating room on the table having my spinal anesthesia inducted by this lady who was taking me through whatever it is she was doing that was actually the most uncomfortable and tingly-painful thing ever. During the induction you are made to bend in this very uncomfortable and weird position and you have to be as still as possible which is close to impossible because you cannot help but want to react to the tingly feel in your lower limbs and to me it was tingly painful.

I had requested they do the catheterization after the anesthesia had taken effect,in my head i imagined it was weirdly painful as much as they insisted the proper term to use is uncomfortable. At 0940hrs i was anesthesia ready, one of the guys in the team said a prayer and Dr Chen started the surgery at 0945hrs. No i did not feel her cut through my abdomen(i was doubting the anesthesia would work ,hahahaha,i was ready to scream my lungs out),there was this soothing gospel music playing in the background and i had two guys engage me in a conversation to keep me destructed and awake. At this point i was quite nervous and at some point i remember feeling a little nauseated and like i was suffocating but all my vitals were reading very normal all through.

At 0950hrs (actual time) i heard the cutest little yet loud cry and ” Congratulations Waceke,Its a baby girl,” by Dr Chen followed by the rest of  the team in the room. I will be lying if i say i cried because i was busy worrying about the stitching up and staying alive,hahahahaha,anything could go wrong you know. But i felt so calm and excited knowing that sage was out safe. The medic who received her showed her to me before she took her to the nursery for some quick check up and aaawwwww,she was so precious,she still is precious.She weighed 3.2kgs at birth.

At 1020hrs the surgery was done,by this time i was drowsy and very sleepy but i remember being taken to the recovery room. I was on and off but i eventually blacked out for a couple of hours. My mom and Naphtali were already keeping Sage company in the nursery and i on the other hand had some friends keep checking up on me until it was time to be taken to my room.

I cant remember the actual time i met Sage after getting to the room but it was around noon and she was so beautiful,and it was such an amazingly beautiful feeling to finally meet the little person who had been kicking and stretching in my tummy for 9months.For the next two days in hospital my main struggles and woes were lack of proper sleep and rest and lack of enough breast milk and not to forget the very painful nipple cracks. OUCH!

I  delivered at AIC Kijabe Hospital which is a level 6B hospital that offers really good medical care at affordable rates.I was born there and so were my girls. The  hospital is mostly known for its orthopedic services and affordable good maternity care. I was very well taken care of during my 3 days stay at the hospital and am so grateful for everyone who made sure that Sage and i were given the best medical care possible.Dr Chen and her team were amazing,the nurses who attended to me both in Barnett and maternity wards were very friendly and courteous and not to forget the pediatrician and lactating teams kindness and hospitality. A big thank you to my OB/GYN Felix Maita for being very patient with me ( am that patient with a gazillion questions) and for giving us amazing antenatal care at Kijabe Hospital.

Please note that antenatal clinics are very important. Make it your business to know and  understand how your baby is growing in your tummy for the 9months,the pros and cons of whichever birth method you are hoping for,cultivate a relationship with your obstetrician/gynecologist,have your NHIF and other medical insurance covers ready before delivery, Take your supplements religiously,start shopping early for the baby,have your hospital bags packed a few weeks before your EDD, Always pray for you and your baby and lastly keep all the positive energy close and be surrounded by people who are willing to give you all the moral support you will need.

I had hoped to share this waaay earlier but i had an episode or maybe a phase where i was feeling quite overwhelmed and probably demotivated to create or share any content. Its been 3 months now and am slowly getting the hang of being a mommy of two and learning how to balance the attention and time given to each one of them and also the time i give to myself to do what i like or even take care of me. Am so grateful to God ,my mom, my best friend and close friends and M for really being there for me and with me and mostly for actively raising my daughters with me.

You can ask me any questions about my CS and the healing process or what i packed in my hospital bag and just anything else about motherhood.

Thank you for stopping by,i will share more content now that am feeling rejuvenated and hopefully stay as consistent as possible.

Beautiful pictures by Naphtali Foster

Love & Joy ….



The little bookworm

Am that parent who prefers her kid doing anything else but watch cartoons or be glued on a gadget playing games,and no am not saying it is bad parenting to let the kids be on their gadgets,i just know mine too well. The minute Sheyce starts her day with cartoons or games on a gadget,the day is long because she ends up being like a zombie and will not even want to take a pee break or a snack break and for some reason she becomes grumpy and feisty and her energy levels always seem suppressed .

I started reading books to her when she was a few months old and she would show a lot of interest which seems to grow as she grows and now one of her favorite things to do is book related ,so one has to keep getting new books for her but she also has her favorites that you have to read to her over and over.

She is only four but thanks to joining school at three she can write ,do exercises,read keywords (is,fish,dog,if,egg,ebb,to,us,as etc),draw,get creative with a pair of scissors,paper and glue and do number exercises (her favorite actually) in some of the books we get for her from text book center.

She has different kinds of books,some are for early learners,in which i prefer to buy the Vikas edition,we have used them for slightly over a year now and i love the simple exercises which she does unsupervised and the fact that they have different levels.For fun educative story books we have a few different ones with short stories that use repeated keywords and have a fun lesson in the end.

She has a couple of just fun story books but these are the ones we will read for the one hundredth time and not get bored. The zoo book is a recent present from my best friend and Sheyce loves it,its a fun and mind engaging activity for a toddler and i would definitely recommend it.You can find it in Text book centre .

I hope this was helpful to those of you who requested we share some of our books,I buy most of her books from Text book centre and i have recently come to find some nice fun reads for her from house of leather at Kenrail towers.Also my close friends will tend to gift Sheyce with books which adds to her little growing book collection.

And i hope you are raising little people who are book worms as much as they are tech savvy ,we need a healthy balance especially with the current generation and knowledge is wealth.

Enjoy the rest of your week and leave us a comment on which books to get for a young reader and where to find them.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love & Joy

Sheyce Introduces Sage…

Just the other day Sheyce couldn’t wait to meet Sage and now she is eager to introduce her to everyone who cares to listen about her little sister. Sheyce is an extrovert and makes friends quite fast and she will gladly extend an invitation to a seemingly interested stranger to meet her baby sister. She is no doubt a very proud big sister.

We officially clock one month on 19.07.2018  and to say the least,am proud of us and grateful for every milestone.

I did not plan to say much for this post,i will let the beautiful candid moments captured by Naphtali Foster speak for themselves.

So Sheyce officially introduces her small sister Sage and i cannot wait to see their friendship blossom as they grow. Sheyce is overly protective of Sage and she is proud to be a big sister.

Thank you for growing our readership and engaging with us on social media,for the next 3 weeks we will post on Tuesdays and Thursdays ,so yeeeiy,look forward to some of the posts you guys requested us to do.

Love & Joy ..



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