Suuurprise !!!

Can we just ignore that i have been missing in action since February and dive right into the post ? yes?great…
So many changes have taken place since late last year and we had to lay off social media for sometime but now we are back and with an amazing suuurprise..:)

A few months ago i found out that my family was growing and i was super excited. All sheyce’s friends had been getting siblings and she had been nagging to have a small sister or brother so despite everything that was happening around me,i was excited to know that some little person was going to have her wish come true.

I had planned to tell Sheyce about the news in a dramatic way and even record her reaction but she beat me to my own game with her witty self. She figured out there was a baby in my tummy sooner than i expected. I tried to sort of avoid giving straight answers but she was too smart to keep beating around the bush.

One day before bedtime she went like ,’mommy,u know i know there is a baby in your tummy? ,i asked her how she knew and she told me because click here my tummy was too big and she felt something moving,hahahhahaa,and when i asked her if babies move,she told me that they kick.I was astonished to say the least but i knew her friends had already told her how their little siblings would kick and move in their mommies tummies and hey,she had been around pregnant mommies to know one. Hahahahha.

Eventually i gave in and told Sheyce she was going to be a big sister and she was too excited,she told her friends,her classmates,her friends mommies,her school teachers and even announced the good news at the salon. She tells everyone she thinks will care to listen to her and even calls the baby “her baby”..haahhahaha. I bet this is the most excited she has ever been about anything in her little life and it gives me so much joy to know that she will make the best big sister ever.

My best-friend Naphtali and i have been documenting this amazing journey and i will share some of the pictures as we go.I also hope that i will be able to share my mummy tales, musings and life experiences now that i will have so much time to myself( so i pray,considering my first born was a pretty chilled out baby). Today,lets enjoy Sheyce’s announcement shoot and love her little surprise.

Thank you so much for being patient and for nagging us to make a comeback on the blog,we missed you and we cant wait to take you along in this new journey.

Photography by Naphtali Foster

Love & Joy,
Mommy & Sheyce…