Darkness terrifies me ,throw me to the wolves in the brightest hour of the day but do not leave me out in the dark alone. For a very long time i had been wanting to wake up at 5;30am for a morning run but because the mornings have been unusually dark,it did not feel as guilty as i pulled the blankets and adjusted to a better position for the never disappointing morning nap; that morning nap after snoozing the alarm is always the best for some reason.

Am quite decisive and i will rarely find myself playing with a thought, i will tend to just make the decision and see what happens. So the other day i decided to get over my fear of darkness and quench that craving for that morning run and i have to say ,its been a beautifully exhilarating experience for the few days i have continually woken up to run. Like today,my whole body was aching,stretching before my run was a task but there was this amazingly beautiful full moon with some shades of orange in the opposite direction which is coincidentally like my finishing line and that alone was my motivation ,i had to chase the moon as much as my brain and body wanted to convince me otherwise.

You see the shades of colors in a simple moon ?,for me they represented the colors in my simple life. The loved ones in my life,the health,the inner peace,my Anchor ,the every now and then priceless moments,the will to learn and to keep pushing,the hearty laughter every now and then,the amazing help from those in my life,the perspective,the good days,the little and big friendships,the Vision that drives me,my little people,the chances i get ,the beautiful kind of love,my siblings,the opportunities and the ability to do things. Those things are what add more color to my simple life for me and from my perspective.

As you grow older, you get to live click here more simply and more appreciative of what may seem normal yet its not and you learn that gratitude for what you have,as little or as big as it is helps you learn the art of contentment. Being content doesn’t come as easy,its a struggle because there is the constant need for more growth,more perfection in this and that,more of this and that ,a little of this to have more of that but when you sit and see what has made your life beautiful and colorful and makes you grateful then some sense of contentment creeps in.

My 25th year was mostly beautiful and colorful , probably one of the top best years of my life yet,not because it was perfect and it had everything my heart desired but because its the one year i intentionally chose to ground myself in His word and obey it,to positively take in the consequences of my actions and let them teach me valuable lessons,to be grateful and content with what was in my life in each and every season ,to continually and persistently seek God and His purpose for me,to reinvent myself and be anchored in Christ,to believe in becoming everything and anything i have always wanted and to never doubt where i am in life because that is exactly where God needed and wanted me to be at that particular time and for that particular season of my life.

Am excited and slightly nervous to turn a year older, am now four years shy from 3rd floor and maybe that is what is making me anxious but i will choose to overlook the anxiety and keep the excitement of the thought that i will be wiser now, maybe more thoughtful ,more opportunities ,more growth,more of everything basically. I pray for a beautiful ,blessed,favored and colorful 26th year …..

Thank you for being in this journey with me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me …. my heart is full…

Love & Light,