Nursing freedom…

I have a strong admiration for mothers who easily whip out a boob and latch their babies in public and not be bothered by the stares and glares that come with breastfeeding in public.

I have a lot of confidence and am rarely bothered by peoples opinions but its always been really hard for me to casually latch my baby in public. Am bothered by how awkward it makes everyone around you with your ‘girls’ all out and occasionally the nipple when the baby unexpectedly drops it.

Breastfeeding is beautiful and should be made to feel so by everyone because of all its nutritional benefits and the mother and child bonding moments.

A nursing mom will tell you how hard it is to latch the baby,hold her in position and at the same time hold onto the flannel sheet covering the “girls” as the baby feeds and as she grows it gets harder because she will barely sit still for a feed.Worry not though because i might have a hack that will give you nursing freedom.

Last month an amazing lady of the Sweetmamacollection gifted me with one of their very stylish yet functional breastfeeding covers and it has really made a big difference in nursing my baby in public. It is easy to put on,covers both the baby and the “girls” very well and even leaves a little space for mommy and baby to exchange those beautiful stares as they bond.I would recommend this cover to lactating moms because of the nursing freedom it gives you. Gets yours or get one for a new lactating mom and thank me later.

Lets all know the benefits of nourishing your baby and embrace the beauty and benefits that come with breastfeeding.

We turn 2 months on Sunday and as we do so,i will share my birth story on Monday,so look out for that blog post.

A happy (late) breastfeeding week to all lactating mothers,you are doing an amazing job!

Thank you for stopping by.

Photography by Naphtali Foster

Love & Joy ,



I love being a MOM…

When I was growing up, my Sunday school teacher was a doctor, Dr.Theuri, and for some reason I really admired what he did, so I decided that when am old enough, I will be just like him, a doctor and because I knew he worked with kids, pediatrician it was. I would spend most of my Sunday afternoons after Church at Bethany kids where he worked, and with my childhood best friend, Lyn, we would play with the kids and keenly observe Dr theuri check in on some of his patients. During our Bethany kids rounds i got to really love kids that after joining high school I would volunteer to teach little kids at the vocational bible study in Church.

Later high school would happen and as fate would have it, pediatrics was never going to happen considering neither sciences nor math liked me as much as I tried to like them and a bookworm was one more thing I was not and probably not going to be later in life. I was quick to accept my fate and went for my other love which was journalism. Being in a journalism club, going to almost all funkies as the reporter and being the one to write and read most weekly reports at the assembly grew my love for journalism, one that I did not know I had. Being in this club was one of my high school highlights and with me being an extrovert, it made me a little popular ( okay, maybe not just a little popular ) and it was quite obvious that I would make one of the top journalists in Kenya in the future (Can somebody type an Amen,hahaha).

Somewhere in all this I played the violin and I was convinced I wanted to be a violinist for the rest of the days,I was in one of the best music schools in Kenya,The Kenya conservatoire of music and my teacher, Miss Marta Lizak was one of the best violinists from Poland and then there was Mr Atigala  who saw all the potential in me and would really cheer me on during those conservatoire recitals ,God Bless your beautiful heart wherever you are. Unfortunately or fortunately life happened, I joined university, a little more of life happened ,my 18 year old self was curious about life and I wasn’t going to find  out so much about it In reading music, playing an instrument many had not heard of and definitely not In one of those recitals or concerts conservatoire always had going on. I put my violinist dreams on pause and chased my journalism dreams for a while as I explored the party scene.

As I chased my journalism dreams, I got amazing opportunities to experience the journalist world and I came to a realization that it was not as I had envisioned it and I was not ready for it. I slowed down on chasing dreams and explored the party scene which was all sorts of fun and crazy while it lasted but it’s also one of the things I would probably change if given the chance. None the less valuable life lessons and experiences came with that particular phase of my life.

As I was just winding up on the party life and trying to get into media, the least expected thing happened; I was expectant with Sheyce and it was one of the scariest and what felt like an eternity moment of my life. The better part of my pregnancy I was unhappy and in doubt if I really wanted to be a mom at that age but thank God my two friends,Njambi and Abby kept on reassuring me that it was  going to be okay and it sure did get better. Sheyce was born on the 12th of December 2013 and something changed, a lot actually changed and it’s like my purpose in life had been redefined.

Sheyce has been an interesting child to raise since the first day, there was a lot of guess work with her and countless trial and errors but thanks to her, am a better mom now and I wouldn’t trade motherhood for anything. Sage is here now and at least with her i know quite a lot about taking care of a baby.Being a mom is the only thing am sure I will not change, get bored of, put on pause, give up on or even rethink as I did with my career choices and other interests in life.

Am proud I went through all the odds to have my two girls, I was brave enough to choose life for them when I had other options and am determined to nurture them into the  very best versions of who God wants them to be.

Sometimes life can surprise us, never would I have envisioned myself as a mom of two at 25 and more so not married and not at the very climax of my career (whichever it would have been, a pediatrician, violinist or journalist). But I would not change my story because it has more meaning and purpose now. Through motherhood I find the motivation to do better, work harder, aim higher and want more in and out of life than I ever would have. I feel the need to be more intentional and deliberate in everything I do.

I won’t lie and say it’s all perfect and blissful as social media makes it look, it gets tough sometimes and quite challenging especially when one of my lil ones is having a lot of adjusting to do. It’s not been the easiest transitioning for sheyce and as a mom it may be tough to see her little heart get hurt and her emotions strained but it’s also a joy when I’m able to step in as both mom and dad  and make sure she doesn’t feel the void and doesn’t lack anything. She is so little to go through all the changes she has in the past couple of months but I believe everything is now settling in and hey,we all do what’s best for our kids and when they are old enough, they will understand why everything happened the way it did.

So guys, life doesn’t always happen the way we want it and we can’t beat ourselves up about it, we just have to find our bearings again when we are thrown off balance. Am still finding my bearings in other aspects of my life but for now, I want to focus on raising my little people, growing my career and financial stability as well as the relationships that really matter to me and my girls.

I love being a MOM… It’s the best job.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love & Joy

The little bookworm

Am that parent who prefers her kid doing anything else but watch cartoons or be glued on a gadget playing games,and no am not saying it is bad parenting to let the kids be on their gadgets,i just know mine too well. The minute Sheyce starts her day with cartoons or games on a gadget,the day is long because she ends up being like a zombie and will not even want to take a pee break or a snack break and for some reason she becomes grumpy and feisty and her energy levels always seem suppressed .

I started reading books to her when she was a few months old and she would show a lot of interest which seems to grow as she grows and now one of her favorite things to do is book related ,so one has to keep getting new books for her but she also has her favorites that you have to read to her over and over.

She is only four but thanks to joining school at three she can write ,do exercises,read keywords (is,fish,dog,if,egg,ebb,to,us,as etc),draw,get creative with a pair of scissors,paper and glue and do number exercises (her favorite actually) in some of the books we get for her from text book center.

She has different kinds of books,some are for early learners,in which i prefer to buy the Vikas edition,we have used them for slightly over a year now and i love the simple exercises which she does unsupervised and the fact that they have different levels.For fun educative story books we have a few different ones with short stories that use repeated keywords and have a fun lesson in the end.

She has a couple of just fun story books but these are the ones we will read for the one hundredth time and not get bored. The zoo book is a recent present from my best friend and Sheyce loves it,its a fun and mind engaging activity for a toddler and i would definitely recommend it.You can find it in Text book centre .

I hope this was helpful to those of you who requested we share some of our books,I buy most of her books from Text book centre and i have recently come to find some nice fun reads for her from house of leather at Kenrail towers.Also my close friends will tend to gift Sheyce with books which adds to her little growing book collection.

And i hope you are raising little people who are book worms as much as they are tech savvy ,we need a healthy balance especially with the current generation and knowledge is wealth.

Enjoy the rest of your week and leave us a comment on which books to get for a young reader and where to find them.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love & Joy

Sheyce Introduces Sage…

Just the other day Sheyce couldn’t wait to meet Sage and now she is eager to introduce her to everyone who cares to listen about her little sister. Sheyce is an extrovert and makes friends quite fast and she will gladly extend an invitation to a seemingly interested stranger to meet her baby sister. She is no doubt a very proud big sister.

We officially clock one month on 19.07.2018  and to say the least,am proud of us and grateful for every milestone.

I did not plan to say much for this post,i will let the beautiful candid moments captured by Naphtali Foster speak for themselves.

So Sheyce officially introduces her small sister Sage and i cannot wait to see their friendship blossom as they grow. Sheyce is overly protective of Sage and she is proud to be a big sister.

Thank you for growing our readership and engaging with us on social media,for the next 3 weeks we will post on Tuesdays and Thursdays ,so yeeeiy,look forward to some of the posts you guys requested us to do.

Love & Joy ..



What do you think?

This week i would like to hear from you guys,our readers on what you would want us to share with you on our platform. Initially when i started this blog,it was to document Sheyce’s adventures,travel ,a little bit of kids fashion & lifestyle but with the growth and changes that have taken place in our lives in the past one year i feel like i should share more than just what i had initially planned with the hope that my learning’s and experiences as a young mom of two beautiful girls will relate,resonate with you and probably inspire and motivate you.

My priorities have gravitated towards other growing aspects of my life that are more important and traveling is not at the top of my list but worry not guys,the Sheyce explores posts will be back soon,bigger and better by the end of the year if everything goes as hoped & planned (fingers crossed).

So in the meantime we will blog more on lifestyle,Mommy life and a little bit of kids fashion and whatever else you guys will suggest we blog about.Just leave us a comment down below or DM me your suggestions on Instagram.

I have a lot to share with you in the coming months but i still look forward to hearing what you think we should share as we take a small break from the travel posts.Also,which brands do you think we should work with ?

Thank you so much for reading our blog posts and really engaging with us on our social media platforms,our readership has really grown in the last one month and i can only imagine how it will grow in the next couple of months.

That’s all for todays’ post guys,thank you for stopping by…

Photography by Naphtali Foster

Love & Joy

Waceke …

She is growing up too fast !!

Am not just saying this because of the very recent changes in our lives that didn’t actually leave her a choice but to also grow up in that pace ; she has really grown and keeps growing way too fast am worried i may not catch on with her growth pace but am a mom, and every mom is a supermom and somehow manages to be there for everyone and with everyone especially her young ones.

She has been showing a lot of independence in everything she does,from what she wants to have for breakfast,her meal orders in the restaurants,what to wear when going out,how to do her homework and what to do after homework,when to and not to watch cartoon and even more impressive though a little worrying is knowing what to prescribe herself when she has a fever,a cough or a cold and i kid you not she knows all her medicine and which one treats what and for how many days she should take them.Just yesterday she overheard me having a phone conversation on how i feel like am not having enough fluids and the little person just told me, “u know u should hydrate like me,you take a lot of water and juice”.. hahahhaa. Yes she used the term hydrate and when i asked her where she got it from she told me that her doctor told her to stay hydrated with a lot of water to avoid bad breath when you have a cold,to say the least i was again,very impressed. But also,she badly wants to become a doctor when she grows up,so maybe this explains why she mimics doctors a lot (this is a blog post on its own).

What’s interesting is as she grows physically and mentally,she also grows emotionally and her intuitions and instincts are more aware and she can feel other peoples emotions and can easily pick up vibes and energy and even speak up. Her spiritual growth is also part of the growth,she is aware there is a God and knows He is the one who provides for us and protects us,she knows how to recite a few verses (whose chapters never match the said verse) and the cutest part is the little prayers she says which leave you in awe.

So with all the beautiful growth,lets just be honest here and also acknowledge the other little things that just scream out loud she is a toddler and a very naughty and whiny one sometimes. There are days she will fuss for no apparent reason,throw tantrums that you do not even understand or are patient with,have strong but honest opinions that can sometimes be seemingly out of hand,act clingy and emotional,overreact when mommy says no and act out in rebellious ways(like refuse to do homework because you said no to cartoon and her stubborn self will stand her ground),knowingly repeat a mistake and not be apologetic about it and sometimes just play stubborn to test my patience or see what’s the worst that can happen to her if she pokes my buttons a little further than last time which annoys and irritates me to the core.

With that said,i choose to focus on the beauty and that satisfying feeling of some type of achievement when i look at her and see this little strong willed,very witty and clever ,opinionated,strong personality,brave,talkative and beautiful little person whose attributes can only be in regards to my nurturing and parenting.

Am not a perfect parent especially when it comes to instilling discipline (i still struggle with the thought of spanking,we mostly dialogue and i tend to also use the power of the no nonsense tone with finality & the famous mommy eye,hahaha and i can honestly say am confident in her level of discipline even when she is out at her friends houses for play dates or in school ) and i would like to believe her morals and other values are also at a good place so far. There is no parenting manual but i believe every parent tries to do all they can to have a well mannered child whom they can pride themselves in.

Happy New Month guys,make July count,its still not too late to actualize some of those new year resolutions.

Thank you for stopping by.

Love & Joy … Waceke…

It’s a beautiful wrap…


To start with, let me apologize for the few typos in my previous post,i read it a day later which was a little too late to do anything but considering i was working on it just a few minutes before i went in for my CS (story for another day) and posted it a few hours into my recuperation then i strongly feel that my typos should be

My beautiful low key pregnancy journey came to a beautiful wrap on 19.6.2018 when i was officially handed my beautiful baby that am so grateful for. I thought i would have managed to share most of these images by the time i was due but heeeey,the fatigue and a few pregnancy related health issues slowed me down  and i was running waaay behind my schedules and timelines but am hoping that i can now re-organize myself by the time we are getting into July.

I’m grateful to have had a beautiful pregnancy whose joys and very few lows were shared with a very small circle of friends for atleast 37 weeks but am still grateful that at some point i finally got to share with my readers who have been so kind and sweet with their words and wishes for us,thank you so much friends.

In my journey i learnt that sometimes its okay to just enjoy some of life’s beautiful & precious moments with the few that are genuinely happy for you and in the journey with you.Documenting and freezing beautiful priceless moments is for you and not for the gram;actually not every beautiful part of it made it to the gram and i surprisingly love it like that.

One of my most major lessons is that we are all imperfect and we have very many flaws and we should never be the first to cast a stone at a sinner because we all are. No matter how good you are or how careful you do your things,the one time you will make a mistake ,no one will care to remember about your good deeds and you will be judged based on your past for awhile. So friends,as much as you need to keep that good reputation,do not be scared to live and make mistakes,but also do not forget that as much as mistakes come with lessons,changes,growth and experiences,they also come with consequences and those can get tough sometimes. It’s all a part of life though.

Thank you for being so kind with your words on my social media platforms,am slowly warming up to the idea of sharing a little more in text than just visual and hopefully as we get into mummy tales i will be comfortable with the deep conversations without the fear of too much public scrutiny but hey,i hear once you hit a certain age the public scrutiny becomes the least of your worries,so lets see how it goes.

So yeeeiy,its a beautiful wrap with my baby bump shoots… 🙂

Photography by Bor Daniel & Naphtali Foster

Venue ; The Hub Karen

Thank you for stopping by…:-)

Love & Joy…


Embracing The Bump !!

I do not know about other young preggers mommies but for me it has always taken a while to embrace the bump. Do not get me wrong,being pregnant is such a beautiful thing and is even believed to make a woman look more attractive but sometimes it comes with a lot of uncomfortable stares and glares.

Thankfully both my bumps got to show way later in my pregnancy and as much as am not the kind to give a hoot what others think of me,it takes me awhile to walk around flaunting a baby bump but i eventually embraced it.

In my first pregnancy i was only 20years and i honestly do not remember much about the experience because i wasn’t keen to know much or even that excited to be in that state but hey,i was blessed with one of the cutest little smurf and i couldn’t be more grateful. This time round, i was excited from the minute i found out i was expecting,a little nervous and anxious yes,which is normal but i was quite excited and couldn’t wait to embark on the journey.Given the circumstances i was scared of what the society would say as my bump grew and no husband in sight,hahahahaha ,but i had one of the most amazing support system around me that having to explain my situation to people that did not even matter was the least of my/our worries.

The first pregnancy was not documented as much especially in form of pictures,the time literally flew and before i knew it i had a baby.Lets just say i was young,naive and knew nothing about anything anymore,or at-least it felt like it.This time though,at age 25,i went for my first clinic at 8weeks,started planning ahead as soon as i found out i was expecting and i made sure that i was very informed during the whole process and even made sure to document most of the journey especially the bump and thankfully my best friend takes the most beautiful and candid images of me/us.

I can proudly say that i fully embraced my bump and loved everything about it,it was perfectly rounded and gave me such a beautiful glow. Maybe the society exchanged a few whispers behind my back ,but all that counted and still counts is that i have experienced God’s amazing Love and Grace,had my immediate family’s unconditional love and support,got great support from the surgeon boy who thinks am nothing like anyone he has ever met but looks forward to seeing what our baby will be like( i think i may have just opened another box but hey,this is my story,this is my testimony,this is my journey,it shall unfold as i grow) and got some of the most amazing God sent friends who walked with me,did not judge me and stuck by me through it all.

I think this is already too long of a post and too deep and honest compared to my usual short and right to the point posts but its one of those days i feel that one needs to be true,bare and honest about their journey as much as others have already concluded your story as per your social media content. Life is good,life is unfair,life is a gift and life is what you make it. Life is defined differently by everyone depending on what it has thrown at you,how it has treated you and the kind of seasons if keeps taking you into but what i have come to realize is that no matter what life is to me at whatever particular time,so long as God is in it,its a constant GIFT that i should be grateful for.

So dear ones,embrace whatever you have going on,adapt to the new changes,surround yourself with a lot of positivity and do not hide your scars. We are all going to make mistakes( sometimes very beautiful ones) in this life but whatever lessons you take from those mistakes and the growth that follows is all that counts.

I hope you love the amazingly beautiful bump shots by Naphtali Foster at the Tigoni tea farm in Limuru.

Leave a comment and tell me how you have embraced your “bump” or changes in life …

Thank you for stopping by…

Love & Joy..

The Big Sister Hack Tool Box !!

I have been told so many times that kids tend to feel a little left out whenever there is a new baby coming and i was worried about my Sheyce who is used to getting the undivided attention of every grown up around her so i went ahead and created a hacking tool box to help her feel like she is also a part of this new journey.

If you follow us on social media then you know that she is a little reader,she only knows how to read keywords;that’s egg,ebb,if,it etc which means you have to read the story books to her which she really loves.Once you read her the story,she interprets it into her own little understanding and tells it to you or her friends and will rarely forget. During her free time she prefers to draw,paint,color or write people little cute colorful notes and hand them to them.

So for her hacking tool box as a big sister,Naphtali and i got her books that she can share with her little sibling,a few colorful pens and a little baby that came with a little toy car-seat so she can play mommy too when mommy is being mommy to the new addition.

So far She seems to be adjusting just fine without any signs of feeling left out. I keep her very updated on whatever changes that are taking place and am amazed & impressed by her little understanding. Now that i feel Sheyce is fully on board with the changes awaiting us,lets see how she will do as a big sister and if at some point she will be clingy or a little too emotional. I will share how the journey will be with both of them.

Leave us a comment and tell us how your older kids hacked with a new sibling and did not feel left out… 🙂

Photography by Naphtali Foster

Thank you for stopping by….

Love & Joy ..<3

As you grow,So do I…

It is hard to not grow when you have something so precious growing in you. Am honored and humbled to experience this kind of growth for the second time and as much as its not always as blissful as people make it look,i wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Growing a little human in me is one of the greatest gift and role given to me as a woman by God and at no day should i ever take it for granted.Not every one of us women has the ability to bring forth a child but we are all created as life givers,care givers and nurturers.

As my belly bloomed and the little embryo grew into a fully formed baby with a little nose,tiny fingers,tiny eyes and the cutest tiny feet that love to kick me and stretch in my belly so did i grow physically and got my well rounded stretched out belly,a round face,slightly fat legs,enlarged hips and big boobs.And not to forget the beautiful skin glow that comes with being pregnant.

Other than the obvious physical growth,i have been growing emotionally by becoming more aware of my emotional state and learning how to keep it in a stable state that is good for me,the baby and those close to me. Spiritual growth has been amazing and through it i have experienced Gods never ending Grace,His faithfulness and His unconditional love for us despite our many flaws and imperfections.

It has sure been an impeccable kind of growth for both of us which i feel is just the beginning to so much greatness.

May you keep you keep growing so i can do so as well……

Photography by Naphtali Foster

Thank you for stopping by….

Love & Joy,

Mommy … Waceke…:)

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