Feliz Navidad


The other day i was looking back at my wish list for this year which i wrote a few days before last Christmas and it seems like days literally flew. I barely got most of those things done,i actually ended up doing better things which i wouldn’t have expected to have done this year.



Now as we get into the Christmas mood ,we are grateful for giving us all the support,love and good criticism. We have never had any bad or rude comments on any of our social media  platforms and we truly appreciate that.



This is Sheyce’s 3rd Christmas and now that she understands it a little bit,i took her to the mall to see Santa and the humongous Christmas tree.Garden City Mall had the most beautiful Christmas decorations this year and simply brought the season mood to life. Sheyce was so excited and now she cannot wait to spend the rest of the season with family. I hope to put up Christmas decorations in my house next year and let her participate,she would love it.







Year 2016 wasn’t the very best but it still turned out alright ; The blog grew and the content keeps getting better (at-least we believe so),met amazing people who played and are still playing a major role in making the blog better and into a full blown website next year,Sheyce got nominated for the Most Photogenic baby girl award by Tabasamu Mwanangu and we got to explore more places and created relationships with most of them,basically ,its been a year full of growth and good happenings but like we know life to be,good and bad days alternate but we pulled through just fine; probably stronger and better.



Till next year guys ,we send you all our love during this festive season …….


#Sings ……..

Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Feliz Navidad
Prospero año y felicidad.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Love and Joy ‘



Lake Elementeita “Sentrim”


A few days to Christmas,ten days to be exact ;usually i would have already taken a break to enjoy the festive season but i have loved the progress i have made with the blog and i feel some guilt to pull off a disappearing act till early 2017. So, hey ! will keep the momentum and have posts up every week and on good days ,twice a week… 🙂




see sheyce…lol.. she was still in the air..look closely..lol

The other day,on Sheyce’s actual birth date ,12th December we decided to check out a place my mom always talks about,Sentrim Elementeita lodge and my oh oh ,isn’t it one of the most scenic places we have been to yet ?! It being a holiday,the place had been booked for an event but we were so lucky to get there just as they were wrapping up .





Sentrim is very beautiful but what makes its even mooooooore beautiful is its amazing view of one of the biggest lakes we have in Kenya; Lake Elementeita . The Lake does not have any animals and it is not as deep as other lakes.






We took at least two hours to feel,experience ,capture and make memories of the beautiful and magical discovery we felt we had made. This is a place we hope to frequent as much as we can and get to even experience some family sun-downers (that would be a total haven).






And heeeey,its that holiday season guys,make use of it while it lasts,do a road trip and check in at the beautiful Sentrim Lodge and be sure to have a blast.



Lets Explore Kenya !!!

Thank you for stopping by …


Blessings ‘


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Sheyce turns 3


Hey guys …Sheyce officially turned three yesterday and it feels amazingly great to see her grow. We held a small birthday lunch party with family and close friends and we are so grateful to all who came through and made it happen! And to my parents for letting us use their home and for all the amazing support we get from them as we raise Sheyshey.


Being young parents ,and getting to have the few friends we have and family as our support system pushes us to do better than we ourselves expect and we end up surprising ourselves at how well this whole parenting journey keeps turning out.

We pray she continues to grow as a God fearing girl who will know and love God,to be a well rounded kid who will excel in everything she does,to be extremely talented and gifted and to have a great personality that will uphold all the values and morals we intend to instill in her.


This is how the Birthday lunch went down………

Food…food..and more food…Lol!!



Then came the trendy three Fun photo booth..:)









Njambi Oduor ,Sheyce and I spent the whole of Saturday baking these cakes and it was so worth it. Sheyce loved it ,and she couldn’t get enough of the rainbow cake and the cupcakes… Njambi did most of the work and we really appreciate that.



this chocolate cake was diiiiivine…


Sheyce was so excited to see herself on the cake…

Cake cutting …. …. ….




it was so yummy ,everyone wanted a piece to take home


Thank you so much to our friends ,families and to all of you guys who never miss to read our posts and even take a minute to leave a comment or two every now and then,we appreciate and we are sending lots and lots of Blessings your way.

Cakes by Njambi Oduor

Photography by Kinyati Ng’ang’a and Waceke Kamau

Love and Joy


Trendy Three’s Around The Corner


It is hard to imagine that Sheyce is turning three in just four days. Just the other i was in disbelief that i had a little person in me and now look at me feeling quite old to be a mother to a three year old toddler.


I found out i was preggers when i was 20 and in my last days of my first trimester after the boo insisted on the test. It was a mix of emotions ;excitement,denial,disbelief ,anxiety and a gazillion questions in my head. For a minute i thought my life was going to change ,and probably for the worst but somehow in my heart,a little voice said it was for the best.


That little voice was right,it did not become better immediately,there were a lot of tears ,sadness but i had such a strong support system to keep me going till i got to meet this little gem. (preggers story,i will tell in detail when am calmer) Lol! And here we are !


Sheyce is a Gem ,she a whole lot of things wrapped up in one,she lights up a room with her bubbly nature,she is a ball of Energy ; My God,this baby has got too much energy ,she seems like she will be extremely talented in gymnastics,instruments and arts,she is smart and witty ; loves her books ,is keen to detail and has a very good memory , She is fully of positive vibes and her enthusiasm and charisma is to die for.


Seeing her grow,having the responsibility to nurture and mold her into the Vessel God has purposed her to be is such a blessing and a humbling experience. Its not something anyone would have taught me,i have had to learn on the job. And so far ,i can confidently pat myself on the back and give a sigh of good relief for a job well done.


Am excited for her,i cannot wait to see how her Trendy Three year  will be,but i pray and hope it will be a good,blessed and beautiful year for her and those around her. Why Trendy Three ? Teren….Teren….. you will have to wait and see it as it unfolds….


This is our last post when she is in her terrible twos,but wait,no! They were actually Terrific Twos 🙂

Thank you for following our journey ,onto the next chapter now… Stay blessed guys !!


Love and Joy , Waceke & Sheyce


Nairobi’s Skyline


On a random day last week we decided to check out how Nairobi looks from an aerial view and what better place than the KICC rooftop ? To access the rooftop we paid Ksh 150 for unlimited time up there.


I was surprised to see how green Nairobi is. From the ground all i would see was pavements,roads and buildings and the only green i ever noticed was the one on the round abouts’ and by the road side and probably in the parks.


The view is Spectacular,its breathtaking ,its simply Amazing! We have a very colorful city and very green. It also looks very orderly from the rooftop. I managed to take a couple shots of the amazingly beautiful skyline and they turned out great.



look at how green it is!! Beautiful



A colorful Nairobi !





Sheyce too thought the view was Amazing ,she actually exclamates ” Woooow,is Amazing” ,every time she is blown away by beautiful landscapes,views or places.



Thank you for always stopping by.


#Sheyceexplores #SeeKenya #AmazingKenya #DiscoverKenya #Kenyarocks

Blessings,Waceke & Sheyce




10 Things Sheyce Loves Doing ; 7. Baking Cakes


I love pastries but my favorite is cakes and we tend to bake at least once or twice a week and of-course the Lil miss is always my assistant.So over the week i decided to capture these amazing shots of a baking session she had with her god mom ,Njambi. They were baking a strawberry sponge cake.

Today i will let the post be a picture story…



She pays attention and is always eager to learn and master the craft





She loves and enjoys helping out  and her favorite part is the tasting bit,Lol ,she is always dipping her tiny fingers to taste the cake mix.





One would think she is a little master Chef ,lol!




She loves frosting the cake ,but only because its such a sweet process and she is such a sweet tooth..




Sluuuuuurp!!! Look at that cake …..



She qualifies for Top Chef or is it Bakeress? ..hahaha..I hope you loved and enjoyed the picture story..

Thank you for stopping by ..


Blessings , Waceke & Sheyce

10 Things Sheyce Loves Doing : 8. Playing Lil Photographer !


Everyone who has met Sheyce knows she always has a Camera in one hand and a book on the other hand. We may say that is typical me except for the book,Lol!

I had my first contact with a Camera when i was 12years old,It was a Kodak Kb.10 35mm Camera and i remember taking pictures of almost everything ,my dad actually kept most of those pictures and i still have the Camera to date. I later upgraded to a better Kodak ,then a Sony Cyber shot Camera which is now Sheyce’s Camera.


I recently got a Nikon D3200 DSLR which is such a good camera and it got me to realize that i am  passionate about photography and its  not just a hobby.Sheyce then became the proud owner of a Camera.


Ever since Sheyce started using the Sony Cyber shot camera,i feel safe to say she is really good at it ,she is Turning 3 in a couple of weeks ; she understands what a camera is,how it works,she knows how to aim ,capture and go through her photos after taking them. If you ask me,that seems like very deep interest which will grow into passion. She likes taking pictures of People ,beautiful places and sometimes food ,which is basically what i also take.Here are some of her pictures,No edits,just as she took them.




The other day she met the amazingly talented  photographer ,Bobo of Bobo photography and she was stuck on him,you would think she knew how good he is at what he does,and went ahead to show off her skills which he fell in love with.



She is quite young to tell what her path is but we as parents ought to nurture the things we may perceive as talent in our kids as early as we see the interest they have in them.With the photos she has taken so far,one can confidently say she takes better pictures than some of us and its very impressive and admirable to see a little person trying to focus on her subject to get a good shot.


I do not know if i will be able to cover the 7 more things Sheyce loves doing by the end of the year but i will try my best to.

Thank you for stopping by .

Blessings , Waceke & Sheyce .




The Daddy_Daughter Squad


It is exactly a year since i started this blog and i couldn’t be any prouder of the progress i have made over the year.I have such a long way to go to get it to where i need it to be but its slowly but surely getting there.


When i started  this blog ,the concept was built on a small family of three,young parents in their twenties who wanted to bring up their daughter exploring her country,experiencing its beauty,seeing its magic and discovering its hidden treasures.And in the process she would get to learn of its diverse culture due to the many ethnic groups it has and also learn how Kenya came to be Kenya,basically our History.


Local traveling is something most of us would love to indulge in but is in its own way quite expensive and requires you to sometimes plan before hand.So far ,we have chosen to visit places that are totally affordable.You too can join the wagon and start where you are,help promote the local tourism in our country! Lets brand Kenya! Its such a beautiful country!


In Miss Gaceru ,i feature my daughter,Sheyce and her Baba,Gaceru as they explore Kenya.They are the perfect duo and their relationship which is effortlessly and naturally beautiful brings life to all the moments i have captured of them in our Explorations.



He is her favorite in all ways even if i spend more time with her than he does,somehow in her eyes he is the superman,the perfect parent. I bet this happens to all mommies with daughters,She will always choose him over you. #sigh!


As we celebrate one year of the blog ,Missgaceru.com,i celebrate these two for letting me feature them as my main characters in the blog,for giving me some of the most beautiful shots yet,for going on all the trips we have gone so far, for always being patient with my lens,for being my partners in all these and for being my squad!



These are some amazingly beautiful random moments i captured of Sheyce and her Baba. They have such a beautiful bond that seems to grow every time and they are simply my perfect to go squad.




Thank you to all my readers,my good critics and our cheerers who never miss to read our posts . We look forward to documenting even better explorations in the coming year!

Thank you for stopping by ..

Photography by :Waceke Kamau


Blessings ,Waceke

#sheyceexplores #daddydaughtersquad #travelblogger #seekenya #magicalkenya #kenyarocks



The Hub Karen


In Kenya Today Malls are sprouting everywhere you turn,which is a good thing because it shows the country is growing and developing each day. Mall have their Cons and Pros but i will dwell more on the Pros,You know,team Optimists!


Sheyce looks forward to going to the mall and somehow she neither gets bored nor outgrows the activities she indulges in at the mall. The other day we decided to check in at the newest mall in town ,The Hub Karen.





The Hub is located in one of the suburbs in Nairobi,Karen, and the Mall is nothing short of its standards and caliber. Its so serene and simply stunning. From the moment you walk in you feel a different kind of ambience ,its well organized,the flower beds and pots are strategically placed ,there is so much space and there are high end stores and restaurants everywhere you turn.






The Mall has funscapes which is an indoor play area for kids where parents can leave kids of all ages playing and feel safe because they get to be under great surveillance and the stuff there are just friendly and hospitable . This was Sheyces highlight of the whole Hub Karen experience and she said they have better games than TRM (sorry  TRM!LOL)





The shopping experience couldn’t get any better. They have a French Franchised supermarket,Carrefour which stalks some of the best snacks(cheat days )ever,their price range too is very fair and  did i mention how spacious it is ? And the customer service i got here has got to be the best i have ever gotten in any other supermarket in Kenya(not kidding).




The hub is one of the most beautiful malls i have come across in Nairobi but i feel safe to say In Kenya and i know most of you will agree with me. The landscape in the backyard is one of a kind. There is the water body which has a bridge and a waterfall and it simply complements the beautiful structures of the mall and lush gardens which would be great for picnics with family and loved ones.











The Hub Karen is definitely my new  joint!! Pass by and give me your review on the place.


Photography by ;Waceke Kamau

Thank you for stopping by .

#sheyceexplores #seekenya #magicalkenya #kenyarocks


Waceke and Sheyce


10 Things Sheyce loves doing : 9. Playing Lil Chef


Raising a girl is a whole lot of things all wrapped up together because you are not just raising a girl but a lady,a chef,a doctor,a nurse,a teacher,a wife and a mother. Why all those things is because at some point in life,she will be someone’s wife and later on a mom!! She will be expected to make delicious meals ,nurse everyone when they are not feeling well,teach her children about morals and values ,Love and honor her husband and the list goes on and on.


As a young mom ,one of your biggest fears is to fail in your parenting but then again there is nothing like perfect parenting ,you get to learn on the Job! Daughters are a handful but easy to deal with. Lol!


Sheyce loves to imitate everything i do,she will help out with the house chores voluntarily but her favorite imitation of me is playing little chef in her kitchen .


She showed so much interest with the kitchen that her grandmother ended up getting her a small kitchen.Sheyce was so excited to have her own kitchen and now she makes us breakfast,brunch,lunch and even dinner sometimes and we are forced to eat her imaginary food and compliment her cooking.


She loves being outdoors and enjoys nature,so to make her cooking sessions even more fun and creative,i set up her kitchen outside and let her do all the cooking she wants.

It feels great to watch her grow into this lil lady! I love raising a girl,it is like raising a mini you !


The kitchen sets range from ksh 1000 (table gas ) to ksh 7000 (like the one in the pictures ) and you can get them in Biashara street . Hers is from a store called Roopam Limited!


Thank you so much for stopping by!

Blessings ..

Waceke & Sheyce


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