The Bloom

Just like a flower blooms as it grows ,so does a person.

Most days i open the blog with all my words already figured out and ready to be typed away but once am halfway,that little voice in my head tells me ,”you know what,why not wait a little longer ?maybe its a little too soon to share? or how does it even inspire anyone or motivate anyone? Don’t you think you are getting a little too sentimental now? “,and i end up deleting,renaming the post and sharing what feels safer to share.

You see,i have been sharing Sheyce’s adventures and tales with you guys since she was a few months old on my social media platforms and i have loved writing and sharing my thoughts since i can remember but sometimes the little voice in my head wins and i end up not doing what the heart wants.

I had taken Sheyce off social media for various reasons but most of them were due to my own fears and insecurities and for awhile i may have not noticed Sheyce was in a bloom season; I knew she was blooming into this amazing little lady that i felt like i had not really interacted with until the other day when i asked her if she would like us to do a photo shoot and use her pictures to rekindle her presence on the blog and she was for idea.

She was very excited about the shoot ,she helped put together the outfits and once on shoot location she brought out her A game and we couldn’t help but wonder and marvel at how she bloomed into this gorgeous little lady amidst all the changes she underwent this year. Am proud of her,i see so much potential and talent in her and i cannot wait to see her bloom into all the amazing things God has placed in her.

Lets see the little lady bloom together ..:)

Thank you for your continued support,for always cheering us on and stopping by to read our posts.

Amazing pictures by Naphtali Foster .

Love & Joy …..

Sister Sister !!!

The last time you saw Sage,she was a few weeks old when Sheyce introduced her to you guys. Five months later the little one is so cute and chubby and is evidently Sheyce’s little best friend.

Sage is now Five months old,she is cute-chubby with the cutest rolls ever ,loves her milk so much but will not open her cute mouth for formulae. I recently started weaning her because my milk supply has been dwindling and the little miss was  beginning to become grumpy and i needed her to stay happy and she seems to really love her Nestle cerelac and freshly squeezed orange juice mixed with warm water two times a day meal combo. She also makes the cutest little yet so loud noises that Sheyce gladly joins in and also gives the cutest hearty smile ever. What am trying to say in all this nostalgic talk about Sage is am proud and grateful for the little-big milestones in her growth so far.

Sheyce on the other hand has really grown,she is such a little adult who can sometimes be naughty (which my mum insists is part of the growth but sometimes,okay most times,irks the “smurf” out of me ) ,very witty and loves to outsmart us,has this ability to strike some conversations which leave you questioning her age and has also become quite independent in a lot of things.

She is the best big sister ever to Sage,loves her so much and looks forward to playing with her as much as she can sometimes be curious of Sages reaction if she pokes her or makes her eat her hair or toes which Sage unfortunately gladly does,hahahahha. I love watching them enjoy each others company and raising them together.They will look out for each other as they grow and will definitely make the best friends ever.

They make sisterhood beautiful.

We tried to get Sage to look at the lens but she was too fascinated by the feel of grass on her cute tiny chubby feet to look up. But i loved the beautiful frozen moments of the little best friends,they are precious.

Photos by Naphtali Foster

Love & Light,


Sheyce is all grown !!!

I know we have all been asking where Sheyce disappeared to and if I had taken over the blog so here is Sheyce guys ,she is finally back to reclaim her space.

It has been quite an eventful year with so many changes that needed a lot of emotional and physical adjustment ,so i decided to pull Sheyce out of the internet until i felt she was fully in-tune with the life changes and now we feel ready to share her growth,glow,travel,fashion and lifestyle with the world.

It is hard to believe that in a few weeks time she will be turning 5yrs ,it is both exciting and scary but all in all am grateful and marveled by the little lady she is growing into.

I purposed and intended for this post to be very short and precise because the next one that will follow will likely be wordy so enjoy Sheyce’s growth and glow in the beautiful candid pictures by Naphtali Foster.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY ….. There is so much to be grateful for ..:)

Love & Joy,


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