My birth story…

Three months its been yet it feels just like yesterday when Sage and i met. The glances,snuggles and cuddles still feel so surreal and i don’t think that will be changing anytime soon. We are officially 3 months today ..:-)

I birthed both my babies through Cesarean section. With Sheyce,it was an emergency CS due to a birth complication known as umbilical cord prolapse which simply means that the cord comes out first after the amniotic fluid raptures. It is said to be quite a rare condition which endangers the life of the baby hence calling for an emergency CS. Due to my first experience, i was a little nervous and anxious to meet Sage. With Sage i had the option of a normal delivery but to be on the safer side after looking into what ifs and what may if i went for a normal delivery we settled for another CS.

On 18.06.2018 its around 0100hrs and i was only going to feel settled if i checked in with my Obstetrician to make sure i was still scheduled for a CS the following day and also find out who was going to do my CS. So my OB logs into the system and guess whose name was nowhere to be found? Mine. For some reason the system either deleted my name or it just never picked it up when we keyed it in during my 34th week antenatal clinic; so we started to panic because there were no open slots until around mid July which was too far for me considering i did not want to go into labor whatsoever and i badly wanted my baby born on the 19th of June (i have a special love for those two numbers 19) so we really had to make the CS happen. Finally he managed to upload my name as an extra and he gave me the go-ahead to check myself into the hospital and hope my CS gets done the following day.

I dashed back home to do last minute packing and say bye to Sheyce before disappearing for a few days which was actually going to be my first time away from her for that long. She took it like a big girl and at 4pm i drove myself to the hospital with the whole backseat full of my/our things (am not a light packer,hahahaha,i always feel the need to take everything with me) to take me through the next couple of days i was going to be at the hospital.My good friend helped me get admitted and have my vitals taken and after sometime i was fully settled in my room and very hopeful that somehow i would have my CS done the following day. Two good friends joined me as i had my dinner and their company really helped me stay calm and stay hopeful that everything would be a success.

0500hrs on 19.06.2018 i was up,showered,prayed up and working on this blog post and feeling very ecstatic about the day already. I was so deep in my post when the nurse walked into my room to tell me to get ready because i was going to theatre in the next 5 minutes (see how God works),i did not get the time to panic or feel anxious as i was waaaay too excited to finally have a baby,hahahaha ,i honestly couldn’t wait for us to finally relate from the outside,i had had enough of the fatigue,recurring constipation and not to forget the molar tooth that got me staying in casualty for a few hours was way due for its extraction. I called my best friend Naphtali to let her know i was going in for my CS so she could come my way and wait for our little Sage and also let my mom & M know.

At 0900hrs i was in theatre,in the waiting room having my needles for the Intravenous fluids fixed on both arms by this chatty guy who got me destructed with his sense of humor. Most of my friends are medics and it was so calming to have them come check up on me as i waited to get into operating room.At 0930hrs i was in the operating room on the table having my spinal anesthesia inducted by this lady who was taking me through whatever it is she was doing that was actually the most uncomfortable and tingly-painful thing ever. During the induction you are made to bend in this very uncomfortable and weird position and you have to be as still as possible which is close to impossible because you cannot help but want to react to the tingly feel in your lower limbs and to me it was tingly painful.

I had requested they do the catheterization after the anesthesia had taken effect,in my head i imagined it was weirdly painful as much as they insisted the proper term to use is uncomfortable. At 0940hrs i was anesthesia ready, one of the guys in the team said a prayer and Dr Chen started the surgery at 0945hrs. No i did not feel her cut through my abdomen(i was doubting the anesthesia would work ,hahahaha,i was ready to scream my lungs out),there was this soothing gospel music playing in the background and i had two guys engage me in a conversation to keep me destructed and awake. At this point i was quite nervous and at some point i remember feeling a little nauseated and like i was suffocating but all my vitals were reading very normal all through.

At 0950hrs (actual time) i heard the cutest little yet loud cry and ” Congratulations Waceke,Its a baby girl,” by Dr Chen followed by the rest of  the team in the room. I will be lying if i say i cried because i was busy worrying about the stitching up and staying alive,hahahahaha,anything could go wrong you know. But i felt so calm and excited knowing that sage was out safe. The medic who received her showed her to me before she took her to the nursery for some quick check up and aaawwwww,she was so precious,she still is precious.She weighed 3.2kgs at birth.

At 1020hrs the surgery was done,by this time i was drowsy and very sleepy but i remember being taken to the recovery room. I was on and off but i eventually blacked out for a couple of hours. My mom and Naphtali were already keeping Sage company in the nursery and i on the other hand had some friends keep checking up on me until it was time to be taken to my room.

I cant remember the actual time i met Sage after getting to the room but it was around noon and she was so beautiful,and it was such an amazingly beautiful feeling to finally meet the little person who had been kicking and stretching in my tummy for 9months.For the next two days in hospital my main struggles and woes were lack of proper sleep and rest and lack of enough breast milk and not to forget the very painful nipple cracks. OUCH!

I  delivered at AIC Kijabe Hospital which is a level 6B hospital that offers really good medical care at affordable rates.I was born there and so were my girls. The  hospital is mostly known for its orthopedic services and affordable good maternity care. I was very well taken care of during my 3 days stay at the hospital and am so grateful for everyone who made sure that Sage and i were given the best medical care possible.Dr Chen and her team were amazing,the nurses who attended to me both in Barnett and maternity wards were very friendly and courteous and not to forget the pediatrician and lactating teams kindness and hospitality. A big thank you to my OB/GYN Felix Maita for being very patient with me ( am that patient with a gazillion questions) and for giving us amazing antenatal care at Kijabe Hospital.

Please note that antenatal clinics are very important. Make it your business to know and  understand how your baby is growing in your tummy for the 9months,the pros and cons of whichever birth method you are hoping for,cultivate a relationship with your obstetrician/gynecologist,have your NHIF and other medical insurance covers ready before delivery, Take your supplements religiously,start shopping early for the baby,have your hospital bags packed a few weeks before your EDD, Always pray for you and your baby and lastly keep all the positive energy close and be surrounded by people who are willing to give you all the moral support you will need.

I had hoped to share this waaay earlier but i had an episode or maybe a phase where i was feeling quite overwhelmed and probably demotivated to create or share any content. Its been 3 months now and am slowly getting the hang of being a mommy of two and learning how to balance the attention and time given to each one of them and also the time i give to myself to do what i like or even take care of me. Am so grateful to God ,my mom, my best friend and close friends and M for really being there for me and with me and mostly for actively raising my daughters with me.

You can ask me any questions about my CS and the healing process or what i packed in my hospital bag and just anything else about motherhood.

Thank you for stopping by,i will share more content now that am feeling rejuvenated and hopefully stay as consistent as possible.

Beautiful pictures by Naphtali Foster

Love & Joy ….