Nursing freedom…

I have a strong admiration for mothers who easily whip out a boob and latch their babies in public and not be bothered by the stares and glares that come with breastfeeding in public.

I have a lot of confidence and am rarely bothered by peoples opinions but its always been really hard for me to casually latch my baby in public. Am bothered by how awkward it makes everyone around you with your ‘girls’ all out and occasionally the nipple when the baby unexpectedly drops it.

Breastfeeding is beautiful and should be made to feel so by everyone because of all its nutritional benefits and the mother and child bonding moments.

A nursing mom will tell you how hard it is to latch the baby,hold her in position and at the same time hold onto the flannel sheet covering the “girls” as the baby feeds and as she grows it gets harder because she will barely sit still for a feed.Worry not though because i might have a hack that will give you nursing freedom.

Last month an amazing lady of the Sweetmamacollection gifted me with one of their very stylish yet functional breastfeeding covers and it has really made a big difference in nursing my baby in public. It is easy to put on,covers both the baby and the “girls” very well and even leaves a little space for mommy and baby to exchange those beautiful stares as they bond.I would recommend this cover to lactating moms because of the nursing freedom it gives you. Gets yours or get one for a new lactating mom and thank me later.

Lets all know the benefits of nourishing your baby and embrace the beauty and benefits that come with breastfeeding.

We turn 2 months on Sunday and as we do so,i will share my birth story on Monday,so look out for that blog post.

A happy (late) breastfeeding week to all lactating mothers,you are doing an amazing job!

Thank you for stopping by.

Photography by Naphtali Foster

Love & Joy ,