Sheyce joined school early this month and she seems to love and enjoy it more each day. Her becoming a school girl is one of the reasons we have been MIA for a minute but now that we have sort of gotten the hang of it and known how to organize ourselves better,i can confidently promise to have blog posts up every week.


At first i was scared of letting her go,she still seemed too young to be in school,i wondered how she would survive a day without whining “mommy this,mommy that,mommy come,mommy food ” ,i was scared of what her witty curiosity would get her into without my keen eyes on her 24/7 but either way i knew i had to let her blossom on her own.


The level of maturity that has taken place in the last three weeks is impeccable,sometimes i just stare at her and wonder who she is because the last time i checked my daughter wouldn’t sit still or let me be without her always trying to push all my buttons.



She now listens keenly,communicates better,acts independent ,Thinks before she acts and understands a lot more.Its beautiful to watch her blossom into this amazing little person and i can only imagine how she will be by the end of the year.


I learned that sometimes to blossom into this beautiful flower you ought to be ,you have to own your space and be let to grow. To have someone have your back when you fall is okay but you have to grow,matureĀ  and develop in your own space.


Have a productive week ahead and may you Blossom into a beautiful flower šŸ™‚


Thank you for stopping by .

Photography ; Waceke

Love and Joy

Waceke & Sheyce


Rise and Shine


It has been roughly a month since we last had a blog post up,the year 2017 seems to have caught us a little off guard and now is when it feels like we are just settling down ;non the less we are grateful to be where we are today.


These amazingly beautiful pictures of the coastal sunrise have been sitting in my laptop for over two months now,i did not know where or how to share them until now.


We all have days when we feel so demotivated and like the universe is conspiring against us, it is okay to have such days,it is okay to feel like you want to give up,it is okay to pause and meditate before embarking on the journey.We are all human and life is still life.It is not fair sometimes and sometimes it feels like it favors others and leaves others out in the cold.It is just life.



But here is the thing about life;it is beautiful,it is full of experiences ;both good and bad,it isĀ  a gift ,it is what we make out of it. It is said,to push through life you have to be resilient ,you have to have the will to do so,you have to be positive and a free spirit.



Over the months i have learned how to not entertain negativity ,how to always be positive even when things are going south,how important it is to mold my character,perceptions and thoughts through the people i choose to keep close,the books i read,the conversations i engage in and the content i watch. And most importantly how the impossible is possible and how we shouldn’t limit ourselves yet we know we have all the potential to do it big. Believe in the beauty of your dreams,yes it is a cliche saying but trust me,just believe in them and never let an opportunity go just like that,it might be the only one you will get,so jump on it and make the best out of it.



Every morning you get to see another day ,choose to be a better person,choose to be Kind,choose to transfer positive energy to those around you,choose to smile ,choose to show gratitude,choose to be courteous and choose to Rise above all odds to shine and shine really bright.



May your week be productive..

Photography by Gaceru

Venue ; Pride inn hotel Beach Kenya

Thank you for stopping by

Love and Joy


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