Love for the Beach Life


This is the second last post on our trip to Mombasa . I promise .:) I was to speed it up a little bit but ,hey ,life keeps happening and throwing me off balance and am here trying to make that lemonade.


On this day we took a boat ride from Mtwapa to Pride Inn Beach Resort and it was such a beautiful experience and very scenic . Why does the coast have be so beautiful though? Sheyce was a little bit more terrified because one could feel the tide more compared to the boat ride we did in Watamu but either way she had a smirk on her face which was close to a smile. Lol.






Apart from the Ocean exciting her ,this time she just wanted to ride on a Camel and she just cant stop talking about her awesome experience on such a tall creature. She is sometimes scared of heights but if asked ,she could ride on a camel all day ,everyday.



Our daughter is a huge fan of superman that she even calls herself a super girl. She loves any cartoons that have a lot of heroic and rescue patrols in them. The other day she told me she wants to be a police so she could drive in a fast car and save the day. I do not have anything against the police but i would smile wider if she said she wanted to be an Engineer maybe.



But what i admire most from her ,is how she for instance picks a character from her favorite cartoons and believes she can be as good as them and does everything possible in her small world to become like her favorite character. That’s one thing to borrow,all you need to do sometimes is just believe . Believe in yourself,believe in your dreams,believe in your potential ,believe in your path,Believe in a higher force to help you get where you want to be in Life. Believing is seeing !


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Love & Joy , Waceke

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Sun,Sand,Swim & Shores


Why we all love the coastal region is because of its ever sunny days ,the ticklish feeling on your feet from the sand ,the relaxing feeling one gets after a swim in the Indian Ocean and the amazingly beautiful shores where one gets to create memories of a lifetime.



Kenya boasts of having some of the most beautiful beaches in the World which are big,scenic and said to have a great marine wildlife.



Sheyce’s best part was playing with the sand without me screaming at her to stop touching ‘dirt’ ,i happen to be one of those parents who never let their kid play with dirt or stones ,i just cant refrain from imagining how much dirt there is in the dirt (does that even make sense?). She made castles,threw the sand at her baba and got herself all covered with the sand.




Capturing These two ..  Beautiful frozen moments ..




daddy daughter dance moments in the water…


Photography ;Waceke Kamau

Location ;Pride Inn Paradise Beach Hotel

The beauty of my country ,Kenya ,is real ,you need to feel it and experience it first hand. Its worth it ! I love and enjoy documenting sheyce’s adventures and explorations with the hope that i inspire someone to want to see the World and feel the different magic every place one visits has.


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Love & Joy ; Gaceru’s

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Bonjour 2017 “Watamu “


Hallo 2017 🙂 and Happy New Year guys . We are on the ninth day of 2017 yet it feels like its been at least 30days ,you know. So far its not been that bad ,am grateful to have seen another year,and i pray it will be a year full of good happenings ,amazing deals,major progress,positive energy ,humbling experiences,more adventures ,Growth and living the dream.


beautiful places! #Watamu



It is a new year,a new page which means you have a new chance to make some changes and some new choices. Be a better person ,love as hard as you can,take life a stride at a time,go for what you believe is yours,make prayer a habit ,Read your Bible ,eat clean, stay healthy ,choose your friends wisely ,make memories with those you love,forgive those who wrong you,quit annoying habits,avoid hurting people ,keep your word and promises,do not let people know other people through your opinion;give them a chance to build their own opinion by letting them know the person,never run out of chances ,practice patience;its a virtue,Stick to your lane ,Be yourself ;no one can beat you at being you ,Believe in your dreams ,Note everything down and keep track of what you get to achieve and lastly ,Just be grateful that you are still breathing and Let God be your guide.




Life is a gift and shouldn’t be taken for granted,live it right. And make time to experience the beauty of life amidst all the lemons it may throw your way every now and then .


Eagerly waiting to spot a dolphin …


Yeeeeiy ! Dolphins


one of the most beautiful sea creature !!


hold up ! what did you say snorkeling was again?


First deep sea swimming experience.. Watamu Marine park


The pictures ,are frozen moments of one beautiful experience we had in Watamu,Kilifi- Malindi  Kenya. Its amazing how God created such a beautiful World for us. Kenya is beautiful ,its simply magical ….



she is so beautiful,i would love to ride  her…



a party boat …


Mr Fisherman …


In a small Island in Watamu (name? will update)


Roasted sea food..#Kingfish



canoe ride in the mangroves ..anyone?




We spent a whole day in the Ocean ( Indian Ocean ) seeing the beauty of the Sea with family ,went for Snorkeling at the Watamu Marine National Park ,got to see dolphins in high sea ,had some amazingly made sea food in a small island in Watamu ,got a canoe experience in the mangroves and really loved the amazing view of the shores during the entire boat ride. Watamu is definitely a destination you should add in your 2017 bucket-list.


a quick dip in the Ocean …

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till next time Watamu !

Make your year Count !


oh my gosh! all that beauty in one place?

Love & Joy ; Gaceru’s

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