10 Things Sheyce loves doing : 9. Playing Lil Chef


Raising a girl is a whole lot of things all wrapped up together because you are not just raising a girl but a lady,a chef,a doctor,a nurse,a teacher,a wife and a mother. Why all those things is because at some point in life,she will be someone’s wife and later on a mom!! She will be expected to make delicious meals ,nurse everyone when they are not feeling well,teach her children about morals and values ,Love and honor her husband and the list goes on and on.


As a young mom ,one of your biggest fears is to fail in your parenting but then again there is nothing like perfect parenting ,you get to learn on the Job! Daughters are a handful but easy to deal with. Lol!


Sheyce loves to imitate everything i do,she will help out with the house chores voluntarily but her favorite imitation of me is playing little chef in her kitchen .


She showed so much interest with the kitchen that her grandmother ended up getting her a small kitchen.Sheyce was so excited to have her own kitchen and now she makes us breakfast,brunch,lunch and even dinner sometimes and we are forced to eat her imaginary food and compliment her cooking.


She loves being outdoors and enjoys nature,so to make her cooking sessions even more fun and creative,i set up her kitchen outside and let her do all the cooking she wants.

It feels great to watch her grow into this lil lady! I love raising a girl,it is like raising a mini you !


The kitchen sets range from ksh 1000 (table gas ) to ksh 7000 (like the one in the pictures ) and you can get them in Biashara street . Hers is from a store called Roopam Limited!


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10 things Sheyce loves doing : 10. Reading story books


A little reader is who she is ,she loves her books more than she loves her other toys. She will be turning 3 in December and when asked what she wants for her birthday her first answer is school .Lol . She has never been to school,a day care or even left at home with a nanny , i opted to be a full time stay at home mommy till she is of school age.


We started reading books to her when she was around 4 months old and she would pay attention and as she grew ,she developed a deep interest for books and its now one of her favorite things to do.


She cant exactly read the books herself,so one has to read the story to her or with her ,elaborate using the images provided and make sure to make it sound as interesting as it should be for a toddler and she will be the one telling the story to you bit by bit afterwards.


We try to get her story books as often and right now the books pictured are her current rotation.Books by Sterling Publishers

Helping a child become a little reader creates a bond between you and her,helps improve their vocabulary ,their communication skills become better,it helps develop an interest to want to learn and once the child joins school you are guaranteed of good performance and good grades !!


Teach them how to read from an early stage ,it will pay off and it will be good for their development and growth.

You can get baby,toddler / kids story books from any book stores or supermarkets and they go for as low as Ksh. 150 /= ,which is very affordable!!

More interesting things to know about Miss Gaceru in the next 9 posts to follow,make sure not to miss any of them !!


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This has to be Thee Sport!


Second week into this month,a couple weeks to go and its Christmas and before you know it,it will be New years’ eve,oh how time flies will never stop being a mystery !


On our last day of our previous trip; here and here we had our first encounter with what we call Thee (stretch it to something like Theeeeeeeeeeeeee) Sport ; GOLF! Neither I nor Le boo are sporty people but just like normal parents would want for their kids,we want ours to be that all rounded child,You know,from nerdy to sporty to adventurous to an edgy style,well you get the point.


Golf is a sport we had never really thought of,for starters it is a very expensive sport and mostly considered as a sport for the who is who in the society. Second ,what is so fun about walking around from one end of the field dragging the heavy bag full of golf clubs then hitting a tiny golf ball so hard you can barely spot which hole it landed in?


Those were my initial thoughts about the sport until i got to hold a drive,learnt how to swing and hit that golf ball the furthest i could at the beautiful Delamare farm Golf course. Delamare farm golf course is off the Nakuru -Naivasha highway and its simply beautiful. They have a shop with all the golf equipment you may need for a starter pack and whats even cooler is that they do hire them out at some affordable rates for those who just want to have some fun.




With  a few basic tips on how to go about the game ,Sheyce seemed like a pro ; i kid you not. She learnt how to hold the club,position the golf ball and hit it before i did. She enjoyed the whole experience and by the time she was done with her first round ,she was already telling her baba that she wants to play golf when she goes to school.

As much as we may not have been sporty people ,we loved and enjoyed the game and probably ,it might be thee sport. Plus the view of the Aberdare hills ,the fresh air ,the green fields made it even more ecstatic.


And again,Sheyce got learn about a new sport during one of her explorations. She cannot wait to play Golf again and maybe she will but whats definite is that the Delamare stop over may become a regular.


Make sure to check out the place and probably learn  how to swing a drive to make a perfect hit,after-all ,we are told to never stop learning and experiencing new things.

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Menengai Crater


Fascinated by the beautiful view

One of the most interesting lessons in that social studies  class back in primary school was about the Rift Valley and how things like the Menengai Crater came to formation many years ago.


The Crater is the second largest Caldera in the world; it is an extinct volcano covering an area of 90 sq. Km with 12 km in diameter and 485 metres in depth. The summit of the crater is 7,474 ft (2,278 m.)Above Sea Level.


Can you spot one of the Energy plants?

There are a number of mysterious happenings in the crater according to the locals and most of them believe it is the home of many ghosts and demons that later come to haunt them. The crater is also referred to as Kirima kia Ngoma (by kikuyus “people from  Central Kenya” ) which means the Mountain of Devils.



What is so fascinating about being at the top most view point of the Menengai  crater is the amazingly beautiful view . To be honest ,this has to be one of the most beautiful_scenic views i have come across in Kenya yet.



img_0177 There is no life in the crater ,but there are two energy plants right in the middle and there are caves where pilgrims from all over Kenya go to pray and fast for days every year. There are trails where the adventurous people take hikes ,treks or cycle to explore and experience the Crater.


stunning view


There are a few curio shops at the view point with some beautiful bead works.Places to dine are quite scarce but we found this new place called the Menengai Crater Eco-Tourism where we got to order some late lunch as we enjoyed a little more of the Menengai crater view. The place officially opens in December but the Restaurant and bar are already running.




We loved the experience and Sheyce enjoyed the view and learnt the terms crater,hills and mountains and could even point at them.


Kenya holds some of the most scenic views and best travel experiences ,you should join the wagon and go see Kenya …


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