The Castle of Love


Hello guys! It has not been that long of a minute or has it?


Did you know that Lord Egertons’ Castle ; located about 14kilometres from Nakuru town is known as the castle of both Love and Hate? I bet a good number of you did not even know of the castle,neither did I until Le Boo took us there over the weekend.


The castle has been there for a Century now. Lord Egerton built it for his Fiancee (a princess) after she rejected his proposal due to his small house which she compared to a chicken coop. He built the castle from 1938 to 1958. After the house warming party ,he invited the lady to see the majestic castle but she still dismissed it as a dogs kennel which left Lord Egerton heartbroken to a point he neither got married nor had an heir and banned all women from going to the castle. He died four years later .


It is quite a tale of a love story with a not happily ever after ending. The Egertons are now extinct and the castle in Kenya is run by the Egerton University as a tourist attraction.


It is such a breath taking view and a beautiful place to explore,the castle may be so old but it was well done and it is very intact. The rooms are empty due to the vandalism that took place years ago when it was left open for the public.


The grounds too are well manicured and perfect for events like weddings,parties.



You also get to mingle with an interesting animal called Llama. We only saw two of them.



We loved our exploration and it is definitely a place you should visit. Make sure to have amazing photos because it is perfect for great photo-shoots…


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Waceke & Sheyce

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