My New found Love


Hey Guys,today i will not do my usual traveling posts but i will instead introduce to you my new found love ,which is modeling..:) If you follow us on social media ,especially Instagram ,then you have been keeping up with her many modeling behavior photos.



This month,we have not been able to have any explorations due to the not friendly weather here in Kenya but hopefully once the sun is out,we will be out and about exploring our beautiful country.



For now enjoy this beautiful shots of the lil miss enjoying her new found love..:)


our Facebook page got a little complicated ,will be opening a new one soon,for now,follow us on Instagram ..:)


I hope Your June was a good one and July will be even better ..:)


When a kid shows interest in something,you as a parent should nurture it as early as now,you never know what doors it may open for her and start paving way for an even better future than you had foreseen..



Thanks for stopping by ..:*

XoXo…Waceke & Sheyce ..<3 <3