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Hallo ..:) so,as the little 2year old toddler Iam, i already know how cool malls are,Trust me. In my Country,Kenya,we did not  have as many malls before,they were only in the main cities and sorry to say but they were not as cool as they are now. Today ,there are malls coming up every day and are now even in other towns ,which makes it even more fun and cooler because that means one can easily access a mall. Ofcos me being as playful as a kitten,my favorite part of the malls is the really cool playgrounds set up right outside and are even considerate of mummy or daddy to put some sitting areas within playgrounds just for them.


Am on a little mall craze right now,so you will be reading a lot of my different mall experiences but i will make sure to not bore you..:)

On Saturday mummy and i drove to Thika to see my baba and after running a few errands we needed somewhere  to have lunch and the Ananas mall which is just a few kilometres from Thika town sounded like a good idea.


Immediately we got out of the car,the first thing i spotted was the really cool playground right opposite the parking lot and i did not care about mummy’s rumbling stomach,i just ran for the swings.At first mummy wasn’t amused but she just had to let me play .


I started with the see-saw,which i so much love and because i was the only kid there,my baba had to help out with the balancing and it was so cool.Surprisingly am afraid of slides,i did not even know i was until Saturday ,maybe next time i will give it a shot.



yeeeiy,which kid does not love and enjoy the merry -go- round? this is the only mall i have been to that has one right outside so far and my oh my dint i just love my turn? ..hehehe my baba was forced to do it with me and he did not like it as such..hehehe…it is such a small merry go round compared to the ones in lunar parks,but hey,who cares about the size so long as it can take me round and round round and roooooooound…:)



Ofcos i had to ride in the train and make sure am the captain..:) trains are fun ..Oh i did try the bouncing castles as well but i prefer the trampoline….Sadly mummy had to cut my play shot because of her rumbling stomach..hehehe…





The mall only has Nandos ,so that is where we had our lunch…Am that kid who does not settle down even for a minute ,so as i was running around in the  restaurant ,i spotted the animal things(i haven’tAnanas Mall gotten a name for them yet) that one has been riding in the mall,hehehe,i ran and got mine even without asking mummy and guess what??? i finally rode it..yeeeeeeiy….(check out my Instagram page to see a video of me riding it) and yes i spent another one good hour riding it all over the mall and forgot about my food,..hihihi


Today i feel like this was a kiddie piece but i hope you still did enjoy your read in my kiddie World..:)


But hey ,this can be a weekend plot for you and your kids,or maybe nieces and nephews and be sure they are going to love it….


Which malls do you think i should check out? you can go ahead and comment in the comments box below ..:)…

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Its a new month…


Hallo my peoples(is it grammatically correct to call you so?oh well) .For starters Happy New Year ! Happy New Month ! my gosh i missed you so much ,i missed sharing my little adventures and curious explorations with you but worry not because now am back to stay.


The last Weekend of January i had such a fun day out with my parents in Naivasha,Kenya.For non-Kenyans,This is such a beautiful town in the Rift valley which is home to some of the most amazing tourist attractions in Kenya like Mt. Longonot,Lake Naivasha, hells gate amongst others.The town has quite a number of good camping sites,lodges, and nice dining places and who knows,you may get to explore and discover something during your safari…


So,where was i? hehehe…our first stop was at the Buffalo Mall ,my oh my don’t i just love malls? no mall tops my love for garden city mall because of its gynomous play grounds but for Saturday,The Buffalo Mall in Naivasha did the trick. I had so much fun riding the train and yeeeiy,i finally rode it alone and i was not scared,it was thrilling…:) ,i then tried competing with baba on some adult game,i do not have the slightest clue what its called but it was some sort of computerized racing cars game and my last game was trying to ride on those new ‘animals’ they are having almost in all malls but am yet to master the art of riding it,the trial was fun though..hehehehe





La Belle Inn Naivasha ,a small restaurant in Naivasha that has been in existence for quite some years serves some of the best pies and it just had to be our next stop.My Baba really loves the pies and would eat 100 pieces ones eating (no kidding)..hihihi



From my house i get to see such a clear and  beautiful view of Mt Longonot and i just had to satisfy my curiosity on how it would look like at a closer view and yeeeees,that had to be the definite next stop.Sadly the weather was a little gloomy and of course a two year old cannot climb a mountain,but at the age of 3 am allowed to camp with my parents.From the entrance ,it looks like it would be a fun and adventurous experience,i envy those who are old enough to experience that.




Have you heard of the newest coolest place to hang out as you barbecue, race on go-carts and drive your buggies all day? it is actually the biggest place for go carting in East Africa and the scenery there is just beautiful. We really got lost though as we tried to find TGRVC, the great rift valley circuit because there were no sign boards and since they are still quite new ,we couldn’t even locate them on google maps. But we finally got there after like 30mins of trying to locate them,heheheh,it was fun though. The place is located somewhere on the Mai Mahiu Narok road and is just 3km from the highway. It such an ideal weekend plot with friends and family…:)




My mummy took the pictures and you will have to bear with our not professional shots for awhile,heheehe,unless we get someone who will gift us with a really proper camera to document the Sheyce Explores documentaries…:) and yeeeiy,we finally figured out how to link my Instagram Page with my blog,so please,do follow us on IG..

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