Technically ten hours to the hour, two years ago, you were born.
A cold Thursday night December 12th 2013 at around 2230hrs.
IMG_3075It was the third day waiting for you in hospital. Your mother was so scared that she had checked herself in on Tuesday and declined to leave despite the fact the doctor had told her she wasn’t yet due. She had her mind set. She was to camp there and have you born before the holiday. Well, the two days to your coming seemed extremely long, other mothers came and left the maternity ward. Most were joyful, and others with a sad story. By Thursday morning, the doctor asked us to walk round the whole hospital a couple of times (to get you uncomfortable and want to pop out).But that trick didn’t seem to work. By that night, your mother was too tired to walk anymore, and well, we thought we would just have to wait another long day. I guess you were still up for the plan of being brought to the world on Independence Day though, so at around 10pm, you decided to force yourself out without a second’s notice. It was a scary one. Everyone around was on emergency mode. The doctor on duty wasn’t in the specific ward, and all the head nurse was shouting is I go call the doctor or press an alarm, as she assisted your mother. Despite the fact we had been through a couple of Lamaze class (thanks to doctor google), neither me, nor your mother had been through such an experience and had a million and one questions. Before we knew it, your mum was being whisked away to the theatre, with so many questions on why the sudden rush and I was the same.
The Doc tried to put mum to sleep so as to get you out, and with all the questions, at some point she had to be suffocated to get her to sleep so he could get you out. Everything happened so fast, and with my million questions, I was swiftly and not so diplomatically kicked out (in their defense, I bet I wouldn’t leave diplomatically anyway).
DSC01169I waited on the cold floor outside the theatre alone. Looked for numbers to call, but with nobody available to answer but your shosh and grandpa who arrived within a few seconds. I was totally worried. It was a loooong cold wait. Thirty minutes later (an eternity) you were whisked out of the theater into the delivery recovery room. You looked soooo white. Pale to some extent, but the doc said it was normal.
photo0446We began bonding as you were underneath the “warmer” anxiously waiting for your mother. A minute seemed like an hour, ten minutes like a year, and by the time it was hitting an hour, it felt like a decade, I even had a tuft of bearded grow.
DSC06661All was well, and she did leave the theatre perhaps at around 1 am Friday morning. It was a relief.
Fast forward two years. We’re glad you came into our lives. It has been pure joy watching you grow. From not being able to support your own neck, to being able to sit up, struggle to crawl, stand up, walk, run, communicate and even leave us to go play at the playground-which always seems so strange and a little sad because you’re always so attached and dependent to us like my hand is to the body. But its okay, it tells us you are maturing.
IMG_20151108_125029Two years may seem so short, but I’m glad with what we have been able to cover, and the time we will spend ahead of us.
Sooooo, finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAR. Sorry we may not have been able to have us an elaborate birthday as we had earlier thought of, but I guess waking up to a sitting room full of balloons and a table full of cupcakes we baked just before you woke up was good enough.
DSC04196I guess we will spend the day eating cupcakes and your favorite sandwich, playing in the playground, pushing you on the swings perhaps till I get some muscles and cubes (you’re not that heavy anyway, or are you?).
I thank God for your supportive grandparent, giving you the best of health this far-never taking you to the hospital for any illness, and wish you many more good healthy years till you also see your forth or fifth generation.LoL!
We love you, today is your day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEYSHEY.


Happy Birthday to me


A40A7776Its my BIRTHDAY ….:) yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiy! am officially TWO.To be honest ,am just too excited to be a year older and wiser.For the two years i have been in the lives of my parents,my grandparents ,aunties and uncles,i know i have been a blessing in my own lil special way.



Am so overwhelmed about turning two that i barely can even put my thoughts in some sort  of writing,so for today,just have a glimpse of some of my most treasured moments for the two years and see how i have grown..:) sharing pictures of me and my family today…

am a daddys girl and am grateful my mama captures almost all our moments..:)







And again ,HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME…..




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