T for Trees


Remember when you first started learning the alphabets? i bet it was as exciting as it is for me. I knew the word tree from sometime back but it sounds more fun when i sing it in my new alphabet song ,thanks to Nickelodeon.


We all know my ginormous love for nature and everything that comes with it ; i always loved this beautiful place right behind my local church with so many trees and i knew i had to have some photos taken by my not so professional mummy and share them with you.



I spent the afternoon playing pee-aka-boo with mummy and the beautiful trees and i would really love to do that again and again. And come to think of it,i would love to plant a tree somewhere,take care of it and hopefully 20years later it will be a fully grown and beautiful tree and i will take pride in it..hehehehe..but ofcos i have to..:)





Trees aside,talk of excitement as we approach my birthday month? yeeeeeiy,i will be officially two in like two weeks. I have no plans yet for my birthday but most likely i will be doing a safari somewhere and exploring my very beautiful country so be sure to expect something exciting afew days after the birthday..:)

And the location of my local church background is  Kijabe,Kenya…you (reader) should make it a Safari and Tembea .:)






I hope you do enjoy your read and yeeeiy…A for Apple, B for Boy, G for Girl ….T for TREEEEEEEEES…….:) 🙂


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keeping warm in Faux


DSC03493Hallo, is it just me or is it really cold? my days have been pretty cold and it is close to impossible to not go outside every now and then.As irresistible as the outsides can be,i had to find a way to keep and stay warm to avoid getting a cold or even a running nose.And what better way to keep warm and still look stylish than in a faux jacket paired with a scarf,kicks and some pants .


Initially mummy wanted  me to go with a black and white theme but i had a different idea in mind.I got the blue bow polka dot headband awhile back and i sort of forgot about it till yesterday and i couldn’t wait to put it on after taking bath.


So after mummy was done dressing me up,i threw on my headband and no matter how much she tried to make me understand it wasn’t going well with the outfit,i couldn’t see how i was not rocking the headband but as usual i won!!!!…hehehehhehe (evil laugh) i kept my headband. Mummy had to throw in the blue scarf to at least match my headband.



The scarf did actually help keep my cute self very warm and the blue did not really look as bad,i actually loved the end results.

As for the lil white belt,it was to accentuate my lil waist line,ooh yea,i maybe just a kid for now but my mummy says she is raising a little queen (a woman) and she does not leave some of those details that only we girls care about out..:)


I was to be posting only once a week but i feel like two  posts weekly are polite and better ,and i do have quite a lot i would love to share .


And ,how do you find my images,would you prefer them bigger than they are? please comment below and tell me what you think…

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Beautiful Green


Hallo..:) how was your weekend?Mine was a lovely one spent in my back yard and i just couldn’t help but fall in love with the beautiful green especially now that we have rains,that green is just too beautiful. Actually green is mummys’ favorite color and maybe mine as well but i sorta love red  more.


neighboring back yard,weeell,they have a swing and more flowers..hehe

neighboring back yard,weeell,they have a swing and more flowers..hehe


for you mummy

for you mummy

I live in one of the most beautiful places in Kenya,its a small missionary town in Kiambu county.It has beautiful trees ,nature walk trails and from my house i get to see clear views of Mount Longonot,Mount Margaret,Suswa hills and the Mai Mahiu satellite. The town gets a lot of missionary tourists every now and then but am sure you (the reader) would also love to Tembea (visit/travel) this side of Kenya and be sure to Love its serenity ,beautiful nature and its country side kind of fresh air.




I hope i did not bore you with my home ground briefing..:) apart from that ,i love nature a lot and if you follow me on Instagram (@miss_gaceru) then you sure do know so.Nature is breath taking,it is beautiful and it is one of the reasons i enjoy my safaris,because i get to see a lot of it in my beautiful country.



mount longonot

mount longonot

And am sorry i have not figured out how to add my Instagram widget here and share links but with  time i will. I will also try and post as often as i can and i hope you get to enjoy my posts.

Have a blessed week ahead and thanks for stopping by..


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